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Phone Number: (02)8069-7934
Phone Number: 0280697934 / (02)8069-7934 / +61-(02)8069-7934
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
(02)8069-7934 Phone number Reports 44
I just got this call today and in the past also from OTPL based in New Delhi. When I asked where you got my number they said from Australian data service.com.au which does not exist. I asked they address and it is from New Delhi with no other address. They trying to sell Funeral Insurance to me...I am still young :-) to die...lol
Post by Slash 6 years ago !
Constant harassment!
Post by Mark 6 years ago !
I getting a lot unwanted call from this number
Post by Hameed 6 years ago !
they call me twice a day and i have clearly told to remove my name from the database and they still call me...please please take serious action against them
Post by Abhi 6 years ago !
bloody pests. Keep ringing consistently.
Post by Maree 7 years ago !
I am fed up with this number ringing me, they hang up after about a minute, last time they rung mu balance happened to have gone from 17 dollars to nothing..everytime i call back they are apparently busy and unable to take my call..!
Post by Hannah 7 years ago !
Receiving nuisance calls from this number, repeatedly.
Post by Ken Cullen 7 years ago !
This number keeps calling and hanging up after only a couple of rings, never leaves a message and I can never get back in touch with them.
Post by Camilla 7 years ago !
I get these calls many times a week, now I just don't answer. I've looked up OTPL and can't find anything online about them? Are they just a complete scam? Are they even based in Australia?Has anyone successfully blocked them from calling? How? Please post details.
Post by Missy Grumble-Pants 7 years ago !
I get at least one call from this number everyday, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. When I answer they hang straight up.They are ringing on my work mobile and I have to answer all my calls as I work in the welfare sector and it could be a client trying to contact me.They are pests! I've never even been able to have a conversation with them as they hang up as soon as I answer and if I try to call back I just get music.
Post by Felicity 7 years ago !
Have received many calls as I am work and ask me many personal information it makes me very unhappy !!I don't know how they got my phone number ?Please stop them to call us
Post by Amanda 7 years ago !
Same as a few other people here, to my mobile no less... If they talk they firstly say it is not a sales call and then say its a company called OTPL calling about Funeral Insurance. They are rude and very persistent. I generally ignore them now but they call every other day. I have now registered my mobile on the DNC register but that may take up to 30 days... blocked on my phone now!
Post by Lee 7 years ago !
iam getting call from this number twice everyday. so embarrassing, no-one speaks when i answer the call. this number should be blocked.
Post by deepika 7 years ago !
they keep calling on my mobile and i have nver given them my number.
Post by kate 7 years ago !
This company is calling me all the time. Sometimes they hang up and other times they talk, but i have no idea what they are talking about. The company never states clearly what their company name is, what the company is about and why they are calling me. They also call to frequently, Wednesday the 18th, Monday the 28th and tuesday the 29th. And there have been more calls last week and so on.
Post by Sarah 7 years ago !
This number constantly rings my mobile, I have rang back and told them I am not interested and to stop calling me but it doesn't seem to matter.I have ad it, I am not interested in funeral plans and when I tell them this they just hang up on me.
Post by Donna 7 years ago !
receiving calls from this number, but no one speaks when you answer
Post by Jack 7 years ago !
This company calls several times a day and hangs up when I have spoken to a representative I have told them to stop calling and to take my number off their list and they call literally an hour later again!
Post by Cameron Smith 7 years ago !
Despite being told I'm on the "Do Not Call" list, they continue to call 3 or 4 times a week.
Post by Cathy 7 years ago !
constant harassment from this mob of drongos upto 6 times in a day just refuse to answer
Post by Robert Neil 7 years ago !
This company (OTPL) is so annoying! They keep calling over and over sometimes at ridiculous times
Post by James 7 years ago !
Receive calls from this number every couple of days and they just hang up.
Post by Raylene O'Hare 8 years ago !
Nuisance telemarketing calls from this number, driving me insane.
Post by Leesa Cooke 8 years ago !
Have had multiple calls from this number rings a few times and hangs up and another one today from 0891586945 both for the same company. Have asked to be taken off their data base and still getting calls.
Post by Sharon 8 years ago !
always ringing but no one there when I answer my mobile.also 0280074708Very annoying as I am at work
Post by Julie 8 years ago !
I receive calls from this number to my work number all the time. No-one ever speaks they just hang up.I wonder who pays the phone bill for this number? I have tried to ring back but it will not ring.Where do these complaints go???
Post by jackie 8 years ago !
This company calls several times a day and hangs up when I answer. I have previously spoken to numerious representatives and told them to stop calling and to take my number off their list and they keep calling
Post by Franky 8 years ago !
I received a call from Steve Johns (doubt it's his name). He was from OTPL calling about Funeral Insurance.My mother in law as been harassed by this company, everyday for the past 2wks.Please stop them.
Post by Jules 8 years ago !
Harassed by calls from this number and when I pick up the other end hangs up! Frustrating.
Post by John 8 years ago !
They refuse to stop calling my number, even after I have asked them not to call me.
Post by Benjamin Roberts 8 years ago !
receiving calls from this number, no one speaks when you answer
Post by John 8 years ago !
I get 3 calls from this number within in an hour once a day. The company calls themself 24/7 and they are trying to sell me some kind of insurance. I have been having companies like this call me for over a year now but this is the only one that constantly calls me when I have told them multiple times to stop it. I am taking the steps to make an official complaint to the ACMA.
Post by Chrissy 8 years ago !
This number repeatedly calls every day until I finally answer and tell them i'm not interested. It stops for a few months and then starts again. They just started trying to call in the last few days this is the 4th time it has happened.
Post by Kelly 8 years ago !
Teleohone number from sydney Spamnumber
Post by Donna 8 years ago !
Constantly call. When answered, they hang up
Post by Natasha 8 years ago !
They ring every week i ask them to please stop calling but they keep ringing.
Post by Kevin Kelly 8 years ago !
I am constently receiving calls re funeral plans from this number and have asked them to take my number of there registry but they keep calling on average once a day
Post by flora Fantasia 8 years ago !
Receive calls every few days but they just hang up when you answer. Don't know why they bother!Has now started happening from 02 8069 7935.
Post by Meg 8 years ago !
They are telemarketers trying to sell Funeral Insurance.I get 1 or 2 calls a day. I dont know how many times i have told them to stop and they just hang up on me.I don't even know how they got my number as im on the do not call register.This has been going on for over a month now.
Post by Elise 8 years ago !
Ring every couple of days. When answered,hangs up!!!! Rang the number back up and company is OTPL.
Post by michelle 9 years ago !
These people are pathetic, I had no idea who they were and as I had been expecting a phone call from other people I wanted to find out. OTPL, I tried googling this and found nothing... I eventually figured out this was telemarketers via this website after seeing all these complaints. I am going to scream in their ears if they call me again! If they call me when someone important is trying to get through, that will anger me further! Not Happy.
Post by Not Happy. 9 years ago !
Yes this company were very persistent tonight ringing at 17.43 for about 3 mins but I couldn't get to the phone and they didn't leave a message so I knew it was a nuisance call.
Post by Recs 9 years ago !
Call me constantly. Originally on my iPhone and now calling me at work. They are relentless.
Post by Karyn 9 years ago !
They are calling at least twice a day, and have been since September last year. They say they are a company called 24/7.They have tried to see me insurance, new phone plans, water filters.. You name it.I have asked them repeatedly to take me off their list, however very time they try and sell me something new- there's a new list...It is so frustrating and such a waste of time. I don't bother picking up anymore- I just hang up.
Post by Claire 9 years ago !
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