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Phone Number: (02)8014-2179
Phone Number: 0280142179 / (02)8014-2179 / +61-(02)8014-2179
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
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Aside from the half a dozen times they've rang and hung up the 3 times I've answered and spoken to someone I've firmly and even rudely asked them to stop calling this number and remove it from your list and whoevers list you got it from. This has not detered them in the slightest with their excuse being that "the last call was not from us". Obviously there are no moral repercussions but shouldn't there be legal ones? My phone doesn't have the option of blocking 1 individual number and as they already have my number there's no reason to cancel my insurance except to stick it to them. (I threatened them with exactly that and it did stop but only for a few weeks).
Post by Simon 6 years ago !
For the past 3 months every day on the hour i get a call from 0280142179.....my telephone number a a business number
Post by Juliet Naidoo 6 years ago !
I just received two calls from this number today. I thought it could be something important so I rang it back and there was no answer. I just googled the number to find out who it was and this message board came up with complaints. Thanks for the heads up! Know not to try calling it again...
Post by Steph 6 years ago !
I constantly receive their calls as well. From as early as 8am right through to 9pm at night. Tell friends and family NEVER EVER call or have anything to do with Insurance Line - harassment dos not begin to cover it
Post by Daniel 6 years ago !
they keep calling - is this a scam?
Post by kgkiwi 6 years ago !
Company called Insurance Line trying to sell Life and Funeral Insurance.
Post by Rhianna 6 years ago !
I'm 17 and I constantly tell them that and they still call. I'm pretty sure I wont need life or funeral insurance anytime soon. -_-
Post by Ashley 6 years ago !
This number continually calls my mobile about 20 times no messages is ever left
Post by Rosalie 6 years ago !
OMG, so happy to see I am not the only person who is being bombarded with non stop phone calls from this mob. I never answer, I have this theory that if it is an important call, they will always leave a message. Anyhow, now I can put them on the block list with all the other cold canvas callers!
Post by Rose 7 years ago !
Have been called by this number numerous times during the past two weeks. Have left two voicemails telling them not to call and also had stern words with the usual impossible to understand person on the other end. No luck. They called again this morning so I lodged a complaint with the Telecommnications Industry Ombudsman (1800 062 058) who said it's also the responsibility of your service provider to stop the calls. They said as it's an insurance product, you can complain to the Fiancial Ombudsman too on 1300 780 808.
Post by Cranky 7 years ago !
Yep as above...Got a random call from them about 8 weeks ago wanting to sell me life insurance... I said i am not interested whatsoever.They have called me back almost daily since but as soon as i answer they hang up.Incredibly frustrating
Post by Sam 7 years ago !
They ring my mobile say nothing then a recorded goodbye. VERY VERY annoying !
Post by Stephen 7 years ago !
Wait for about 2 seconds silence and then the background noise will tell you it's a marketing call. The script started with the girl telling me she was from Telstra Trans National and asking for Phillipa McKenzie, with my response being that there was no Philippa and this is a business number. And then the follow-on script 'I am calling on behalf of an Australian company called Insurance Line. I'm sure you've heard about us on television recently'. Take the opportunity for them to inhale to slip in a quick 'This is a business number, I can't take this kind of call. Thank you, bye.' Hang up, done.
Post by Jen 7 years ago !
Thanks Sean, I have used the auto reject to ban this call from now on. If you want to know how to block their number: 1) settings 2) call settings 3) all calls 4) auto reject 5) enable auto reject (tap this to enable) 6) auto reject list 7) press menu button and select create+ 8) in the box for auto reject number tap the magnifier to load Logs 9) go through your call log to find the number that's harrassing you and tap on it. 10) tap save then keep tapping the back button to go back to the home screen. All done.
Post by Fed Up 7 years ago !
They call me every day :)I think they have free time & phone!!!
Post by Hos 7 years ago !
This phone number keeps ringing through. Ive now blocked it. I have had numerous calls daily from this number.Very annoying!
Post by Lis 7 years ago !
I am in the same boat as everyone else, I recieved a call from this number too and have been called by funeral life insurance reps trying to organise a next day call over 23 times this past 3 months. I almost get a call every day by similar companies. I dont know where they got my details. I have told them I e recieved many calls and im not interested but I always get someone else doing it from a diff number soon after
Post by harris 7 years ago !
Had a call on 24/03/14.
Post by Kit 7 years ago !
This number calls very regularly. I don't even pick anymore. I have added contact in my phone "Do NOT Answer" and add all the insurance/sales bullshit to that contact. easy to avoid then
Post by Chri 7 years ago !
Have phoned 5 times in 4 days. Each time they caller was advised that I am not interested in the product.
Post by Gerry Kroeze 7 years ago !
I too have received 'nusiance calls' from unknown(to me) numbers. The first step I do is to ignore it the first time it rings then google the number. If I discover the number is nothing but a telemarketer that has caused other people problems, I make sure I have a whistle close by for when they call me again. no more calls from that number again!
Post by denese 7 years ago !
i have had this problem with this number for 9 mouths last week i told him not to call back because i am not to answer my phone at work please stop calling so thursday night friday morning between 23:00 and 3:30 i had 7 call something has to be done about this people
Post by darren lee 7 years ago !
Why does this number continue to call me.They call. I answer. They hang up.VERY annoying ! I dont know where they got my mobile number???Who are they?Now ANNOYING- became pure harassment.
Post by john 7 years ago !
Constant, almost daily calls from this SPAM phone number. Very rude comments from the caller and often phones and hangs up. Should be reported to police for harassment.
Post by Adam 7 years ago !
I'm glad that I am not the only one getting these calls. I work during the day so obviously I am not going to answer my phone. These people call every single day. You would think that they would have got the hint already! Absolute brain dead morons.
Post by Mel 7 years ago !
This number is Insuranceline. You're better off answering it and getting rid of them.
Post by Bettie George 7 years ago !
STOP CALLING ME!This number calls my mobile at all times day and night. When I answer it hangs up. Call the number and all you get is a voicemail to nowhere!!!!!
Post by Karen 8 years ago !
Funeral Insurance call centre has called my mobile numerous times. They were calling from 02 8069 7935 until I blocked that number on my mobile. They call numerous times during the day & evenings, even though I have told them plenty of times Im not interested & to please remove my name.I have no idea how they have received my mobile number in the first place but I do know they are annoying & its become now becoming harassment.
Post by Kim 8 years ago !
I told them I wasn't interested. THey keep calling.
Post by Marcus 8 years ago !
This number called me last week as soon as I said hello they hung up.It also happened again about 10min ago and they hung up again
Post by kylie 8 years ago !
Got called twice by this number the other dat..never answered as I didn't recognise it and also if they don't leave a voice msg you can be sure they are trying to sell you something and they want to actually get a hold of you to speak to you to sell.So don't answer..otherwise if you get caught by answering and realise who they are say Hello but then place the phone down somewhere and go about your buisness...let them talk to no one and also they are wasting their money..be annoying to them..they will get the picture eventually.
Post by Dee Smith 8 years ago !
How do I block their number?
Post by Jane Myers 8 years ago !
they keep calling me while I'm in uni classes I never answer the calls even he I'm free and yet they dont take the hint its because of people like this I never answer unknown numbers on my mobile
Post by Tayla 8 years ago !
calls every day up to 3 times a day, selling insurance. hung up when asked to remove number
Post by Brian Nolan 8 years ago !
They are trying to call me from yesterday. I don't know where they get my phone number. I am using Optus SIM card at the moment. They called me about selling some insurance to me. It is really annoying. I hate this. Anyone can tell me what should I do.
Post by VLL 8 years ago !
call me constantly have told them so many times that i currently work for an insurance company and doing comparison quotes is in my job description
Post by chloe 8 years ago !
Daily bombardment from this number although blocked. Where are all these scumbags from?
Post by Brian 8 years ago !
another way to deal with this people tell then you wish to know there place of work as you need to send them a bill for the hour work you missed due to there phone call if that dose not work start cry on the phone and say why do you people keep calling me i keep telling you people i am not a nice person to talk but you do not listen i only talk to family and friends and we are not on both so the only person that needs funeral insurance is you if you do not remove me from the list they remove you willingly which is what you want and as far as i care they want to play dirty well we will have to play to
Post by phil 8 years ago !
some guy calling trying to sell insurance
Post by Vincent Conserva 8 years ago !
Who is it? Why do they constantly call and then hang up? Blocking them.
Post by Karen glover 8 years ago !
i keep getting calls from the above number at all different times and when answered they hang up VERY ANNOYING
Post by angie 8 years ago !
It is an insurance product salesperson - I spoke with him yesterday and have now received 3 calls with hang-ups. I have certainly never requested any products from them and spoke politely but firmly to them when they called the first time letting them know I was not interested in their products.
Post by Judith Crawford 8 years ago !
I have the same problem, as soon as I see this number, I hang up without even picking up. You all should do the same. They are nothing but scoundrels.
Post by pawan 8 years ago !
I have received up to 15 calls a day from this number, sometimes someone tries to sell me life insurance, other times they hang up. I have abused the caller the last 2 times but it seems no amount of threats stop them. I have taken to asking for their full name and home phone number so I can call them 20 times a day....but surprise surprise....they hang up. Also have same calls from 0892546987 and 0892589748. annoying as well as harassment. I have block 3 of their numbers but they kept getting new ones.
Post by Sarah 8 years ago !
Post by Ned 8 years ago !
They Call - I answer - They hang up,repeat ad infinitum
Post by Brendon 8 years ago !
This number has called me. When called back. There is no call allowed. Simply hangs up. No ringing. JUST hangs up. Interesting. Calling at 3.35am. Haaaa Stupid idiots. Grow up. Haaaa
Post by Nita 8 years ago !
Been getting 2-3 calls from this number over the last few days. Ignored the first one as I was busy, checked this page and haven't picked up any of the subsequent calls but they keep trying! Have now blocked the number - thanks everyone for your warnings.
Post by Victoria 8 years ago !
If the people from this number are reading this comment - stop calling me!!! Honestly enough is enough and I DON'T want your insurance!
Post by Chantel 8 years ago !
this number called of asking for Nikita and when I pointed out they had the wrong number I had them call back an hour later just to hang up on meThis is why I never answer my phone unless I know the number
Post by Tayla 8 years ago !
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