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Hi,Same problem as all above. Unauthorised withdrawals from my credit card.I have just sent off an email to [email protected] demanded a refund.I`ll let you know how I go.When will I learn?
Post by Ray 7 years ago !
I too paid 4.95 for trial bottle, just noticed in march debited for $69 and april 97.61 they have taken money out without my permission. Never stated that they would do this. Will be phoning the uk this evening 00114 800 618 712 the phone number for idealnutra.
Post by JULIE VAZQUEZ 7 years ago !
Hi i had same thing and 300buks taken off...how has a yone gone receiving their money back???I cant believe it either my bank has got involved as well this Cameron guy needs to be put in Jail what cheek no authorization how can they get away with it :(LIl
Post by Lilian Hatab 7 years ago !
I also ordered a trial bottle $4.95. I have been charged $100.34, $98.81 &$100.34I also would like my money back
Post by Kay Wright 7 years ago !
I have been debited multiple times from your company. I originally signed up for only a free sample with the cost of shipping ONLY. I have passed your company details onto the federal police for further investigation. Your products do not work and your company does not have the decency to return my emails.
Post by KERRY REED 7 years ago !
After receiving a 2nd order of tablets without requesting same, I decided to do some research. After reading other complaints, I now know I have joined the long list of 'US THAT HAVE BEEN SCAMMED!" I also did not read my e-mail properly, let that be a lesson to us all.I have sent an e-mail ordering immediate stoppage of products and refund of all monies. Will see how I go and let you all know. Good luck to us all.
Post by Coral 7 years ago !
Paid for postage for free samples and just realised $750 has been deducted over a period of time. Company is Xcel Nutra ltd. had to cancel card and advised the bank, is there anything else I need to do?
Post by Shellie 7 years ago !
Hi. I am another victim of these scammers. Paid the postage (twice it seems) and have had my credit card charged with a fee of $97.61 which I did not authorise. Immediately called my bank who are stopping the credit card and authorising a new one, as well as trying to get the money back for me. Will think twice before taking a free trial again.
Post by Andrea Normet 7 years ago !
I too seems have made error in judgement and thought was just getting free trial and now been debited from my account. how can I stop this without changing cards and accounts please advise on how to stop these payments I cannot afford such expense.
Post by Leanne 7 years ago !
i ordered the trial for 4.95 early march. i have not received the trial but yesterday had $96.61 debited from my account. after ringing my bank to query the missing funds i was told i had a payment of 4.95 taken from my account when i signed up for the gift for delivery (which still to this day i have not received)then just 1 day after paying the 4.95, the bank told me the scammers took an additional 98.00. the day after sign up, a total of $195.00, i have been ripped off and i still see no product yet. i advised my bank and they are investigating.
Post by belinda 7 years ago !
I did an online survey and this was supposed to be my free gift , just postage of $4-97. Stupid me paid it in good faith and now I've had 89.97,89.95.and 95.38 taken from my account. As I am a pensioner this has left me in dire money difficulties. I today had to cancel my credit card and can't pay bills until I receive a new card . Have you no morals!!
Post by debbie ryan 7 years ago !
I too ordered the free trial and have now received extra bottles and have been charged for them. I cannot find any info on the company to contact other than this 1800 number on the despatch order. I will go and cancel my card today as this seems the only way to stop these payments from being taken out. Thanks for your feedback everyone it was very helpful
Post by Toni 7 years ago !
Same ordered a trial and now 97.61 has been debited I now have to cancel my card.
Post by Jillian Cantem 7 years ago !
I am like everyone else. Paid the $5 and have had $97 come out.So now I need to stop anymore.It is not sounding good.
Post by Kerri 7 years ago !
my story is exactly the same as everyone elses. Did anyone get their money back?
Post by vicki pennington 7 years ago !
I have been scamed nearly 500.00 on this bloody product I can not return it & it keeps coming out of my bank accounts at 97.61 a hit. I applied & paid for a free bottle to try at 5.95 postage & handling. had to close my credit card only to find this morning they have been taking the money out of my savings account too.
Post by carol gallard 7 years ago !
i have had the same issues with money being debited from my account... i have tried to find a direct contact details of the company but could only find this website. been on hold for over an hour...i would appreciate it if someone calls me back...this phone call is costing me a furtune...
Post by kori 7 years ago !
I too like the rest of the people answered a survey and accepted a bottle for postage. Since than I have had charges totalying $350. I hope to be able to stop these payments when I ring the bank as soon as it opens. I do ot hold any hope of receiving the money back but hope that there is action taken to stop these thieves
Post by Lynette York 7 years ago !
I asked for a trial ONLY, but then they keep sending the product and charging my bank account. There seems to be no option to opt out.
Post by Chona Davidson 7 years ago !
I too have been scammed by whoever this company is. I have had my card cancelled and a new one issued.
Post by Teresa Ursich 8 years ago !
My story is the same as others, unauthorised deductions have been taken from my credit card account, how do I go about retrieving it?
Post by Denise Balogh 8 years ago !
I completed an online survey and was offered a bottle of Garcinia for free. Just had to pay postage of $4.95.The following month I am recieveing a bottle in the mail and being charged $97!Ring them and get the standard terms and conditions. However the minute you start talking about leaving bad feed back they reverse the charges.I did not at any stage agree to any terms and conditions. They are a professional scam. Be careful
Post by James Thomson 8 years ago !
Same problem, I signed for free sample,gave credit card for freight, which I was prepared to pay .I have been debited two amounts of $100.34.I have not been able to contact the company. I have today cancelled my Credit Card.
Post by Bruce 8 years ago !
I received unordered Garcinia in the post today. I phoned 1800504852 spoke to Mae wouldnt say her last name she said her ID was 020780.She agreed I had been billed $92.61 and another $89.13 on 9/3/14. I told her I did not order the 2nd product I wanted to cancel any further deliveries and I would return the unopened product. She assured me I would be refunded the last debit and the product was not to be returned but kept.I await my refund. When I asked how long it would take I was told it would be in my account in 10-14 days.
Post by michelle sykes 8 years ago !
Same thing just happened to me. I completed a newspaper survey and for completing it they offered a $4.95 bottle of Garcinia Cambogia instead of paying $39.95. The $4.95 got debited by a company called 'Healtheways' in Hertfordshire on my a/c, the pills arrived last week from a company called XCel Nutra then yesterday, out of the blue, 'Healtheways' again debit $92.61 out of my account without authorisation or explanation. And of course there is no phone number or email available to contact these unethical fraudsters on. Thanks a lot. I'm now short on rent this week.
Post by Justine Hamilton 8 years ago !
I bought the special offer online for $5.95 for the weightloss tablets & hae not placed another order but hae since been charged a further $97.61 which has been debited from my account. I hae not recived anymore tablets from your company. I wish to cancel the order & receie a full refund. I have contacted my bank to cancel any further requests from your company. Please ensure money is returned asap to my bank account, thank you, Jenny Forman.
Post by Jenny Forman 8 years ago !
brought a product to sample and then they hit my bank account the following month for $180.00 with out my permission and no invoice or correspondence at all if i know who to report it to i would.the phone no was off the first dispatch note1 person director company in England details below.company name is Xcel Nutra15 Bromet CloseWatfordHertfordshireUnited KingdomWD17 4LP any advice please contact me please
Post by GAVIN MICHALOWSKY 8 years ago !
Normally I am pretty security conscious. I responded to an online survey (Actually Westpac) apparently like many others. And like everyone else have been charged for product that I did not order , only trial offer for $4.95. I cannot afford to lose money to these evil scum of the earth people. Two payments of $97.61 have been taken. I had to have my Mastercard Debit Card cancelled.The following contacts are basically a waste of space time and effort.1800 504 852 (Australia)[email protected]
Post by Alec 8 years ago !
I have experienced the same as most of the complaints.i have been charged twice with no product.i had cancelled my card on 1/5/14 and still they managed to scam on 2/5/14 .Would like refund
Post by France's Mcintyre 8 years ago !
Ordered trail offer and paid for it by credit card. Am now being charged for unauthorized purchases the same as most of the other post on this page. Would like to know what action others have taken.
Post by Christine Ball 8 years ago !
I ordered 2 free bottles and have had $19.06, $97.61 and another Visa deduction of $96.13 I dont recognise from IntraSci 11800601094. Very dodgy. I have cancelled my Visa Account, so they cannot take out anymore money.And lodged a Transactions dispute with my Bank. I want my money back too.Besides that the free trial did not work,like they advertised, what a con job.
Post by Denise Brooks 8 years ago !
I too believe I have been scammed. I also applied for the trial of Garcinia and my bank account was debited $4.95 which is fine. Then on the 9th of April my account was debited $93.00 and then on the 11th of April another $93.00 so that's nearly $200.00 just this month. I rang Xcel Nutra customer service on 1800 504 852 and spoke to a Asian lady and she told me that she could not cancel the order because it was already in transit. I then told her to cancel any further deliveries and especially any debits from my account. She assured me that she would do this (said she was doing it while I was speaking to her) and I asked that a confirmation email stating no more deductions from my account to be fwd to my email address. She told me that this would be done within 24 hrs. Let's hope so because I can see a whole lot of trouble with this. I must admit I have never ordered over the net like this before and I can assure you I won't ever again. Worst thing is this product is available in Australia from some health food shops, stupid me.
Post by Lauren Hamilton 8 years ago !
I completed an online survey and was offered a bottle of Garcinia for free. Just had to pay postage of $4.95.The following month I am recieveing a bottle in the mail and being charged $97!Ring them and get the standard terms and conditions.I did not at any stage agree to any terms and conditions.
Post by Narasimha Murthy 8 years ago !
I too have been scammed by these people. I was looking at websites on my mobile phone when I ordered this and thought it was a trial which has turned out to be three shipments at nearly $100 a bottle. I called and spoke to Jonny (female)who told me I could not return the product and that the terms and conditions stated that I would continue to receive shipments until I cancelled. Feel very stupid as I should have called the number after the first shipment. Have just emailed my complaint and request for refund to them. Thanks for the email address. Will let you know how I go, not feeling lucky with this one. Also cancelled my credit card just incase they continue to keep charging.
Post by Fiona 8 years ago !
I have realised that I have been well and truly scammed. This is the problem with this technology: this is the first and last time I will ever order anything on line, it's too easy for the crooks to hide behind it.
Post by Bob Ferguson 8 years ago !
.I too purchased a trial pack and have also been debited an unauthorised $92.The trial pack arrived 3 weeks later; this is when I noticed that my account had been debited for more money.I contacted the 1800 number as it appeared that was the only way of contacting the provider. Countless website searches did not produce a phone number only an address:-15 Bromet CloseWatfordHertfordshireUnited KingdomWD17 4LP I spoke to an Asian lady who told me her name was Ann and said that Xcel Nutra had debited money without my knowledge and that I wanted to cancel any further debits. I was told that she would be prepared to reimburse half the amount and that any further payments were cancelled. I requested an email verifying this and was assured that my account would be re- credited.After hanging up and waiting for the email I pondered the conversation and realised I was not satisfied with the proposed result so I called again an hour later saying that I had not received the email and that I was not happy and I wanted to be reimbursed in full. I was told this could be done. I again requested an email verifying the fact and was told she “Was not authorised to email anyone”. I asked if she was in Australia and she replied that she was, I requested an address or an email address. Again she said she was not authorised to give out an address but gave me [email protected] as an email address to contact and request verification that I would be reimbursed etc.Having finished the conversation I hung up and proceeded with an email to the aforementioned address and what do you know? My mail was returned with ‘unknown address’.I then contacted the ACCC and gave them all the information that I had gained and was told “It seems very likely a scam”. I contacted my bank who is now investigating; my card was cancelled, to stop these people debiting more money and was replaced with a new one. I hope this helps others.My email [email protected]
Post by Lynne 8 years ago !
I responded to an online survey as did others. And like everyone else have been charged for product that I did not order. The amount has been deducted from my bank account without my permission. This is sham company in UK and I advice others not fall into the trap of misleading promotion by this company. We all should complain about it to the respective Consumer Affairs deptt. and to the police. Others are warned about the unethical conduct of this company
Post by Manir Zaman 8 years ago !
have just had 2 withdrawals on one day for $103.08 that i had no idea why for. Googled and got to this complaints page to find other people in the same boat, various amounts of money withdrawwn without the apparent approval. i have sent email askinf for it to stop and for a full refund. will also try ringing UK number see if i can get thru to someone. has left me with $7 in bank and now cant get to work this week!!!
Post by garry evans 8 years ago !
HI,STOP the charges asap to my credit card for Garcinia Cambogia;Justine RodgersCC#: 5163 6100 2124 1862Please get back to me ASAP.ThanksJustine
Post by Justine Rodgers 8 years ago !
I agreed to 3 months of free samples from Healtheway Hertfordshire GB and they asked for postage so gave my credit card number. The product came again after 3 month trial which I returned. Found monies have been deducted from my credit with out my permission.
Post by Janette Ponting 8 years ago !
I ordered a free sample and they keep sending me bottles and charging me. I cant contact them in any way to get them to stop!!!!!!! Can anyone help? I dont care about a refund I just want them to stop taking anymore money!
Post by laura 9 years ago !
I have had $97. deducted from my account - did not authorise this, Have put a stop to my card.I want my money refunded NOW - my bank will pursue you.
Post by Eve Tauber 9 years ago !
Almost $200 has been removed from my credit account, same as others on this page. I ordered the FREE trial for Garcinia Cambogia and I payed for the postage with my credit card.Need to get my money back.Any advice is appreciated.ThanksBrad
Post by Brad Wilson 9 years ago !
Same thing happen to me I have been told I will be charge for another lot they have already sent but no further and it will be canceled. After reading all these will be making a trip to the bank tomorrow. So embarrassed and hurt that people can rip you off like this.
Post by Tammy Olsen 9 years ago !
same as all the other complaints. i am calling the number now and demanding a refund. let's see how i go.
Post by gemma mathieson 9 years ago !
I have been tricked like everyone else. I cancelled my credit card but the bank said they can't do anything as I have signed a subscription, i.e. I didn't read the fine print, but it's nevertheless misleading advertising at best. The following website lists Xcel Nutra Ltd as a $1 company in the UK, not what you would expect from a public company (Ltd) with millions of dollars in shares. And the site shows a Google 360 degrees video of the address which looks like a residential house in a quiet street.http://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/ltd/xcel-nutra. Obviously in hindsight it's a scam.
Post by Ivan 9 years ago !
One brought the sample $4.95c postage 2 weeks $97.61 debit from my account on Good friday never used card went to the on tuesday have the money back so when this contact your Bank as soon as possible have a nice day
Post by ronald cook 9 years ago !
I had the same thing happen to me because I did not read the terms and conditions or read the email they sent. I called the same day and was immediately refunded. I also followed up with an email that was answered. If you email [email protected] they will refund your payment, I was advised on the line that they have a no hassle refund policy. Within a few days the charge had be returned to my card. Lesson learned make sure that I read the terms and condition and the email as the did advise me I just didn't know.
Post by Alison 9 years ago !
I have read this company is a scam. I would like a full refund of money.Cheers Marcia Zeltner04/04/2014
Post by Marcia Zeltner 9 years ago !
I responded to an online survey as did Debbie. And like everyone else have been charged for product that I did not order.This company, XCEL NUTRA LIMITED, is a scam. It is listed on various company in UK websites. Director is listed as Cameron McPherson who is also director of NUTRASHAPE LIMITED, NUTRATRIM LIMITED, NUTRADIETS LIMITED, NUTRAWORX LIMITED, IDEAL NUTRA LIMITED, NUTRALYFE LIMITED as well as XCEL NUTRA LIMITED.Cameron McPherson's address is given as 6559 S CANYON COVE PL , SALT LAKE CITY 84121, UTAH USA.Company address is listed as 15 Bromet Close,Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 4LP. This is also the listed address for many other companies with directors who live all over the world.
Post by Bev 9 years ago !
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