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Unsolicited sms subscription
Call type:Unknown
Post by Kyle Cameron 6 years ago !
Unsolicited sms subscription
Call type:Unknown
Post by Kyle Cameron 6 years ago !
I was randomly picked my MP1 subscription and was billed $10/week for a month.Upon receiving the bill from my telco company, I web chat with a telco company rep. and explained the scam. They refunded my money immediately without question. There is no way the telco company does not know that this is a illegal activity and yet they did not do anything to stop it from charging their customer. In my opinion, the telco company is somehow embedded with this scam as they are also benefiting. I also had them barred all premium call/sms. I will also be lodging a formal complaint with my ombudsman and ACCC.
Call type:SMS
Post by Philip 6 years ago !
I accidentally clicked a link that than transferred me to your oagw an has taken $10 credit for the past 3 weeks, an every time I try reply "STOP" it tells me I couldnt send the message.
Call type:SMS
Post by Jayne 6 years ago !
My son randomly started receiving texts from 19900012 saying he would be charged $10/wk. this is not anything he has subscribed to and when he sent STOP to the number he was charged by 'The Vibe or other services' on his bill at $0.25 I have called globway on 1300364976 and they have a very unprofessional voice recording and put me on hold. I hung up in case they were charging my call. I will now report this to his mobile service provider and ACCC.
Call type:Unknown
Post by Bec 6 years ago !
I just randomly got a text from globway, don't know wtf they are or how they got my number. I'm scared to reply STOP, it says if I do I'll be unsubscribed or something. What should I do?
Call type:SMS
Post by liam 6 years ago !
I received a text-message from "GLOBWAY" stating I had joined a game called "fantasy cube" and would therefore have $10 per week deducted from my credit. Upon contacting "OPTUS" (my service provider) in order to garner some information, the "OPTUS" operator advised me that she would ensure that She would ensure that no further deductions would be taken from my account. (Unfortunately she could not advise me if $10 had been deducted. I am a senior citizen, who has no interest what-so-ever in any form of computer games, so am at a loss to fathom, WHY & HOW I can be charged for something I did not sign up for, and have no interest in. I AM NOT A THIEF - AND I WILL NOT LET ANYONE STEAL FROM ME. I contacted "GLOBWAY" and the young-man I spoke to would not give me an address for "GLOBWAY" in Australia, as he was not allowed to give out personal information. This is an obvious SCAM. These people are GUTLESS THIEVES; as was proven by their refusal to provide an Australian address where I could endeavour to resolve the problem. Unfortunately for "GLOBWAY" (and similar GUTLESS THIEVES) I will not rest until I get satisfaction.
Call type:Unknown
Post by Ian Shaw 6 years ago !
Please stop billing this phone and stop anyone using this sight on this phone as my son uses this phone for work purposes. Thank you
Call type:SMS
Post by James Daley 6 years ago !
Phishing scam. watch out and complain to Telstra and ACCC about this globway company.. Heading to their office now to bash some heads.
Call type:Prank Call
Post by BT 6 years ago !
These Cahnts are a phishing scam.. reported to ACCC.
Call type:Telemarketer
Post by BT 6 years ago !
Contact you Mobile Phone Service Provider and DEMAND a REFUND and a BLOCK on your Account from similar Scam txts. DO NOT Reply to the TXT as it will just encourage the Scam Txts to continue. Your Service Provider should not be allowing random charges to be applied to your phone account without your consent!!!
Call type:Unknown
Post by Mad Telstra Customer 6 years ago !
Got same text saying I'd subscribed to Ero247 on fri @ work and had used over $30. Called Telstra Monday and had a 3 x $ 9.09 for subscribing. Never requested anything and yes it's apparently another porn site or something. It's now cancelled & telstra reckons a cheque will be coming direct from them. Probably now just get more junk. What can be done to stop this?
Call type:Unknown
Post by [email protected] 6 years ago !
Our company phone is one digit off this 1300 364 976 number. We are an industrial company and have nothing to do with this spam company at all. I would like people (and telcos who ring on behalf of customers) to check what number they have rung before they ring us and get angry at myself and my colleagues.
Call type:Unknown
Post by 6 years ago !
Same problem, my girlfreind has been charged for $50 on Optus bill, I called Globway, they said they got no records of the mobile number,and the service is not provided from them, well,I called Optus customer care, they helped me to speak to Globway and got the refunds.
Call type:Unknown
Post by MIRRA 6 years ago !
I got a text from Globway saying I owed $30 for an "ET1" subscription. I called the number (1300364976) and they unsubscribed me. Apparently it is adult services which I didnt subscribe to.
Call type:SMS
Post by Matt 6 years ago !
I have had $10 p/week appear on my last 2 Telstra bills. Rang them and they were great and have offered to refund the $90 and block the charges in future. They suggested I ring the 1300 on my bill. I did and was informed that I had subscribed to a adult porn site!!!! Well I hadn't and told them quick smart to take me off it.
Call type:Unknown
Post by Eve Handley 6 years ago !
I just received a message from ET1 thanking me for subscribing to them at $10/week. I rang Telstra and they told me to wait until my next bill and if I am charged they will refund my money just this once. I did not sign up to anything, how can this happen? This scam has been going on for years and they are still getting away with it. Thw ACCC are useless!!!!
Call type:Unknown
Post by Tony 6 years ago !
I received a data bill of 6.5gb. its normally never over 2gb and my limit is 2.5gb. so i was charged $116 extra and then $10 a week for 3 weeks commencing on 16th Dec of my bill from MIA P/L for oxygen8 xpor. (bill from 2dec 2014 - 3rd Jan 2015) ABN 34 094 069 726 contact 1300 724 406. All this info was stated on my bill with the charges. I called Telstra and they said they didn't know who they were and just gave me the above details to call and organize a refund. They stated they would pay the refund to Telstra for the $10 per month and they would look into my charges further for the data. They told me i only needed the mobile no and Telstra acct no to give them. I rang "MIA P/L" as advised. They have a list of numbers to press depending on who i was billed with. oxygen8 they said to press a number i did. They then gave me a number to call (voice recorded msgs) 1300 364 976. I did so and he asked me for my mobile and said the charges were for xpor.mobi which is a pornography site that i had subscribed to?! this was only after i insisted i didn't know what the charges were for. (he wasnt too happy to discuss it) He asked me for my name and address to send the cheque to as it was only optus that they refunded directly. ( i explained that i was told by telstra to only provide my acct no and phone no and that i didn't even know who he was. He advised he was a third party billing. i asked what the name of the company was and he refused to provide me with any info as he doesn't know it and he is not allowed to. i asked him if i could have his home address and he said no...i stated well neither of us should be exchanging addresses but especially me since this appears to be a scam and you already know more about me than i know about you or what has happened against my wishes.) i explained i would call Telstra and investigate further as even Telstra didnt know who they were. He said he had cancelled service for me but needed my address and full name to send a refund for $10 per week fee. i am waiting for Telstra to call me back. i will try and post if i can when i get an answer/solution but i have been advised if you cancel/block usage of your premium services (with your provider) that no such things can happen again. So obviously, i since have with Telstra. Just check your next bill/charges (maybe even throughout the month if possible to avoid it) as my data has only been going for 2 days of the next billing month and i am at home connected to wifi and i apparently have used 22% of my 2.5gb already! i have seen such posts going since early 2013. i would have thought they would have sorted this out by now somehow! Sorry for the long post. its been a long night/early morning....i am very frustrated and do not wish for this to happen to anyone else. i almost wish i had read my email after i went to bed.
Call type:Unknown
Post by tina 6 years ago !
I have had this message also I have contacted the 1300364976 (did not respond via text) and they have said they have canceled this so called subscription, and refunded the $10 charge. I was not so impressed still, and have contacted the ACCC with details of this scam. As i apparently downloaded something over the christmas period, and i left my work phone at work, so could not have possibly accidently downloaded anything. The phone number provided is for a third party company. I have also passed this onto my works IT department to follow up, and ensure not billed for this. Recommend that the ACCC does something about this, as it seems like an ongoing problem (from this thread)
Call type:SMS
Post by jamie 6 years ago !
Hey guys I got targeted by these xpor.mobi jackasses as well. The best thing for you to do is text the word 'stop' (without quotation marks) and they should say you're unsubscribed, then call the helpline number they give you; 1300364976, give them your mobile number (it's safe to do this because they are a third party company) and explain that you didn't want this and to confirm that it is cancelled. It also wouldn't hurt to contact your mobile provider and tell them whats going on. After that block the number that texted you and keep an eye on the following mobile bill so that if they DO still bill you your provider can reimburse you and block them. Hope this helped :)
Call type:Unknown
Post by Adam 6 years ago !
As above happened. Got a message while I was sleeping in subscribed gonna ring Optus in the morning
Call type:Unknown
Post by 6 years ago !
Got the very same text after browsing the internet on the my phone. Checked my mobile account online and $9.09 was charged to me immediately. Certainly did not sign up/subscribe to this as this appears to be a billing complany for a pornorgraphy sites. I texted "STOP" back as per what the text said to do. I then phoned my service provider Optus and they were aware that this scam and others like it are very common. They come from so called third party providers. Optus was able to block this number from charging my accont further and also credited me back the $10.
Call type:SMS
Post by Naomi 6 years ago !
I have not subscribed this app plse stop it for me thankyou
Call type:Unknown
Post by Donna Radley 6 years ago !
Apparently subscribed to this every month at $10p/m without knowing of it... Optus have blocked any further charges but didn't credit me the $10 back
Post by Cass W 7 years ago !
Same problem. Rang xpor.mobiThey said I gave my mobile number to a web site.Never!Asked for refund, they wanted name and email. Didn't give them ANY info.Apparently my number has now been cancelled from data base!Surely consumer affairs need to act.Will ring Optus to ensure cancellation
Post by Molly 7 years ago !
I got the same message about 4 times:/haven't subscribed to anything
Post by Ben 7 years ago !
Post by THIGINNYONE 7 years ago !
I also recieved a text message with the same scam.When I called the number
Post by Jones 7 years ago !
I received an unsolicited text stating I would be billed $10 per week. I have not signed any subscription.Text reads:FreeMsg You are charged for your Xpor Subscription. Cost $10 per week, to cancel visit www.xpor.mobi Helpline 1300364976. OptOut text stop to 19900012. Globway. Phone person would not reveal information, but insisted on my phone number, but would not reveal any information on the supposed company.
Post by John 7 years ago !
Received this msg after letting my little nephew play on my phone.. Not sure how they got my number but I know nothing was subscribed too.
Post by Cam 7 years ago !
Same as above. Haven't seen anything go off bill, but am assuming it's phishing. No idea how they got mobile number though.
Post by dave 8 years ago !
Same as the previous complaint. i recieved unsolicited text messages reading: FreeMsg You are charged for your Xpor Subscription. Cost $10 per week, to cancel visit www.xpor.mobi Helpline 1300364976. OptOut text stop to 19900012. Globway.i texted stop to 19900012 and immediately received a message saying i had been unsubscribed. then i immediately received the exact same original message written above.
Post by hailie 8 years ago !
i just got the txt aswell,saying i will be charged $10 a week????wtfis this spam?should i be worried
Post by gmac 8 years ago !
Same as all of the above
Post by Patrick 8 years ago !
How to stop it! Has anyone been billed! I got the same but not know what to do?
Post by Andy 8 years ago !
Received thiz with the same they wanted my phone number.Is this for real or phishing?FreeMsg You are charged for your Xpor Subscription. Cost $10 per week, to cancel visit www.xpor.mobi Helpline 1300364976. OptOut text stop to 19900012. Globway
Post by Kim 8 years ago !
I received msg saying I am charged $10 per week for subscribing to xpor which i never did.I will call optus to see if they fix it.
Post by ravi 9 years ago !
I received a text explaining that I had been charged $20 for a weekly subscription that I never applied for.the text read:FreeMsg You are charged for your Xpor Subscription. Cost $10 per week, to cancel visit www.xpor.mobi Helpline 1300364976. OptOut text stop to 19900012. Globway.
Post by Billy Shearsby 9 years ago !
I got the same thing, I'm on the phone now talking with optus to try to solve it
Post by Houdeani 9 years ago !
I received a text saying I'm being billed $10 a week. I don't know about any subscription, I'm trying to find a way to make it stop.---------------------------------------FreeMsg You are charged for your Xpor Subscription. Cost $10 per week, to cancel visit www.xpor.mobi Helpline 1300364976. OptOut text stop to 19900012. Globway.
Post by Wang 9 years ago !
Same complaint.I began receiving the same text 4 weeks ago. No weekly $10 charges have been recorded by optus.
Post by Shane 9 years ago !
i was just browsing the net on my phone where an ad popped up and as i closed the tab, i received an sms about some subscription which i didn't sign up for. quite concerned on how they obtained my number. exactly the same as what kim received.
Post by Dan 9 years ago !
Did not click on or subscribe to anything or provide my mobile number to any website got the same txt. Rang optus and yes its a scam they are working on.
Post by phill 9 years ago !
Same problem and text for me. I called Optus and they confirmed that I had been charged $10!! How is this possible when you don't even sign up or click on anything?? They have changed my account settings to prevent this and refunded the $10 but God knows how the default account settings can allow someone to just bill you..
Post by Patrick 9 years ago !
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