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Phone Number: (08)6228-4014
Phone Number: 0862284014 / (08)6228-4014 / +61-(08)6228-4014
Area: 08 - Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Terri
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TSA called me using a very aggressive marketing technique, despite being on DNC registry. Complaint made to TSA Head Office, Telstra and DNC registry
Call type:Telemarketer
Post by Trigger 7 years ago !
Called 26June2014 after 12.47pm and before 2.15pm. I had my landline directed to my mobile, that's how I know the phone number. I had one call from this type of marketer who was very polite when I told him I was on the DNCregister and offered to cross my number off his list. Maybe this would be helpful if you get them again on the phone.
Post by Judith Mitchell 7 years ago !
i have been getting calls daily from this TSA telemarketing mob who is paid by Telstrai rang Telstra on 132200, had the number blocked & registered a complainttook me 15 mins to get it done, but is worth the effort if i no longer receive calls from them
Post by Andy 7 years ago !
They answer as TSA Telco Group & claim to ring for Telstra. Ring the number back and demand to have their number blocked from ringing you. Or else ring Telstra Unwelcome Calls on 1800805996
Post by Grahame 7 years ago !
This number called me today,they wanted to confirm who I was and I said I wouldn't give out any info. They said because I was a loyal Telstra customer I could get a better deal and I would miss out if I didn't confirm my identity. He got quite aggressive about it.
Post by Stevo 7 years ago !
I am on the Do not Call register - but this number calls me every other day.STOP!!!
Post by Steve 7 years ago !
Quite calling me , if I don't answer I don't wish to speak with you. You have called three times in 2 days , and don't even leave a msg!
Post by Linda 7 years ago !
Must be a scam, when you ring back it answers with weird music.
Post by fed up 7 years ago !
They have called me 8 times in the last 2 days. If they don't leave a voice message then they will never get to speak to me!
Post by Linda 7 years ago !
Receive a missed call from this number at least once a day. Very annoying, even if they were selling something I wanted, I definitely would not be buying it from them. This type of marketing does not work for the majority of people
Post by Karen 7 years ago !
If i find out this is a telemarketing company employed by telstra i will be really pissed off. If it is you telstra stop it !!!!!
Post by Peter 7 years ago !
Rang Telstra today regarding a number that keeps ringing me and hanging up it rings around 3 times a day number is 0862284010 they have now blocked any other telemarketers from ringing me I am on the DNC register she said it will take about 30 days I hope not she was very helpful.
Post by Natalie smith 7 years ago !
Keep getting hang up calls from this number. waits till I pick up and then hangs up straight away.
Post by Kim Dahl 7 years ago !
Receiving two calls a day even on the Fax line. I'm already a Telstra customer, this makes me want to change to other Telco's if they are doing it on Telstra's behalf!
Post by Dick 7 years ago !
They are calling on behalf of Telstra - I had three calls a day and never anyone on the phone. I called Telstra today to complain and they said they would put me on some register so that I won't get any more calls from them.
Post by Rike 7 years ago !
I am so sick of this number calling. never leaves messages, and when i do pick up it is just a dead line! Stop calling!
Post by Mikaela Howell 7 years ago !
nuisance call, no purpose, as bad as spam email.
Post by Peter Inns 7 years ago !
Just had a call from this number. Second time this has happened. Have now set "block this number" on my iPhone. You can do this just by opening the recent call list and click on the rhs of the list and when the screen opens, scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
Post by Dermott 7 years ago !
It's annoying call most of the time.We had enough of it.Cut it out.
Post by Ismet Duman 7 years ago !
Scumm suckers keep calling my war widdowed mother, as per everyone else, 3 times a day and every time a hang up, its hard enough for her to get around lett alone rushing for a telle marketer
Post by Pissed off 8 years ago !
I’m getting unwanted calls from these people and they are a worry as the don’t answer my pick up they immediately hang up. I thought this was pranksters trying to phish.Not nice please do something about this Asian firm.
Post by Allan Curtis 8 years ago !
this number has called me twice over the last couple of days on my mobile with a dial tone when I answer. Its obviously dodgy.
Post by Steve 8 years ago !
above numbers rings and then hangs up. I am on the DNC Register so how are they bypassing it?
Post by Kelli Marsden 8 years ago !
Just started getting call from this number (last few days). I also have an iphone, have now blocked caller, hope it works.
Post by Lyn H 8 years ago !
Same as everyone else's comments. How did they get my number??
Post by Ashley 8 years ago !
phone calls twice a day and don't leave a message
Post by emma 8 years ago !
I am over these people ringing me several times a day. My son works shift work hence why we put our phone on the no call register. STOP CALLING ! I am really getting angry
Post by Sandra 8 years ago !
I just called them back and asked them to stop calling my mobile. They advised it has been removed from the calling list and may take 24 - 48hrs to take affect.
Post by Lorraine 8 years ago !
Stop calling or i will report this number to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. I have had enough.
Post by Kat 8 years ago !
I do not wish to get telemarketing calls from 08 62284014
Post by James McGregor 8 years ago !
I have been getting calls from this number on and off. Answered today and was told it was from TSA and they wanted to ensure I was getting my best from my Telstra service. The woman making the call asked me to verify my date of birth which I declined to do. She got quite upset giving me a "oh my god" before hanging up on me. Thanks telstra. As soon as my contract is up I'm off to someone else.
Post by Luke 8 years ago !
Constant calls to my mobile from this number ... don't know who they are and don't want to... just want the calls to stop!!
Post by Debbie Mason 8 years ago !
I just rang it. A recorded message from TSA Telco Group plays. "We may have just called you. We will call you again unless you;'d like to speak to us now, press 1". I got put thru to an asian lady who asked my name. I said I am not giving it. I would like my number removed. Here it is... "Is there anything else?" she asked. I said "You've committed an offence ringing me as i am on DNC." She hung up. :)
Post by Tamara 8 years ago !
I have been called from this number, it hangs up after a short time. It is one of those auto dial devices at a telemarketing company, I am on the do not call register, but I suppose if they don't answer the call it doesn't matter to them. Annoying to come out of the garden to answer a blank call!
Post by John 8 years ago !
rings every day ,when answered, dial tone.
Post by ann 8 years ago !
As with all the other complaints above, this number continues to call us.
Post by Lisa McDonald 8 years ago !
Received a call and no-one was talking to me. Very frustrating. I called it back and it was definitely the telco company :( I am also on the DNC register. Why are they calling??
Post by Helen 8 years ago !
TSA Telstra Group called to discuss Telstra packages.
Post by Jason 8 years ago !
Receiving phone calls from this number for the last few weeks.Just plain nuisance!Call Telstra to block this number, also told the Telstra lady pass on the complaints to her supervisor so something is done and get rid off this number and " service" .
Post by Kang 8 years ago !
Had 1 call 29th May, I missed it but a message bank call missed note was left by Telstra... Called again today 30th May but hung up before I could answer... Pain in the Anus!!!
Post by John (Bullsbrook WA) 8 years ago !
Every day we get these calls no one on the other end, today got it my husband picked up the phone and it said hello this is Scott your service provider then all quiet my husband hung up .. problem is we are having problems with out Foxtel so he was a bit upset he might have missed the call but when I checked its the same number as all these on here are stating.. so hopefully it will stop as you don`t know who to trust or not any more . specially with Telstra..
Post by Lorraine Beard 8 years ago !
This no. calls every day - 2 to 3 times.! No one answers! Other times there a shocking noise at the end of the line and no one answers.
Post by Regina Smith 8 years ago !
Exactly what Isobel said, I keep getting calls from that number atleast 3 times a day and its pissing me off. I answer and nothing, it just hangs up and I don't know who it is
Post by Alexia 9 years ago !
I have had a lot of calls from this number, the latest at 17:03 17th oct
Post by adrian down 9 years ago !
I was plagued by these calls for weeks, ringing 2-3 times a day, no answer. (started shortly after I moved to perth and enquired with telstra about getting internet/foxtel) Registered with the do not call register and made a complaint to telstra. Havent had any calls for a few months since, but just got another one again. Then figured out I have a function on my iphone to block numbers :-) Anyway, annoying...
Post by bec 9 years ago !
I get calls from this number up to 5 times a day. When I answer they hang up. The caller must be whacko!
Post by Tony 9 years ago !
Although on the supposed Do Not Call register, I keep getting calls.
Post by Michelle Arens 9 years ago !
Continually being rung by this number with no person on the end, all times of the day
Post by Sarah Pegden 9 years ago !
Getting the same hang ups, no message, on my mobile, even more frustrating!!! Called Telstra to make complaint as well
Post by Cait 9 years ago !
I had 2 calls from this number today 27/02\2014, very annoying as no one was talking, have added this number to contacts as " HANG UP" for the next caller. You should do the same.
Post by Robert King 9 years ago !
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