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Phone Number: (08)6228-4010
Phone Number: 0862284010 / (08)6228-4010 / +61-(08)6228-4010
Area: 08 - Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Terri
(08)6228-4010 Phone number Reports 53
I got a call from this number on my lunch break. It was Telstra asking if I was interested in any of their services. They asked me so many questions my pie went cold.
Call type:Telemarketer
Post by Tony the Terrible 6 years ago !
Stop calling me three times a day u harassing oxygen thieving cunts!!!!!!!
Call type:Unknown
Post by daniel 6 years ago !
They are trying a new tactic of ringing until phone diverts to voice mail then they hang up. I want a phone that does blocking!
Post by Anthony 7 years ago !
Called saying that they are Telstra , they have certain details about you and that they are calling to give you a better deal on your phone, asked date of birth and then say to hold until they bring your account up, if working for Telstra shouldn't it have already been up on the screen, this is when I hung up on them. This number has called before usually no one on the other end but this time they spoke.
Post by Sherry 7 years ago !
This number has called me three times a day for the last week, so very over it. Get the picture when I don't answer? I don think so. What a joke.
Post by Bec Nielsen 7 years ago !
the number keeps ringing my sons mobile. They hang up with no message.
Post by kelly 7 years ago !
I am sick to death of this number either calling then hanging up after 3 rings or not leaving a message on machine!
Post by Linda 7 years ago !
Daily hang up calls and I'm on the do not call register.
Post by Kirsty 7 years ago !
Found this page by searching the caller's number. Repeated calls but there is silence when the call is answered. This is harassment! Needs to stop!
Post by Alison 7 years ago !
If you have an iPhone with iOS 7. Select the "i" next to the missed call. Scroll down and select "block caller"
Post by Ant 7 years ago !
no is calling me everyday. i want it to stop
Post by ana 7 years ago !
I'm in melbourne. I ignored the call, but then called them back 30mins later. It rang once on their end then cut off. Tried twice with the same result. I'm going to second the marketing suggestion.
Post by Matt 7 years ago !
constantly ringing me at work when I answer no-one on the other end. Telstra need to be pulled into line for using the telecommunications system for the purpose of making harrassing calls
Post by paul 7 years ago !
repeated calls with no one on the other end
Post by Rob 7 years ago !
I have previously called Telstra about this and repeatedly asked to be removed from marketing calls. Still get these every now and then.
Post by James Wilson 7 years ago !
I use to be a telemarketer, bad news, your number is never deleted even if you ask them not to call you, it goes into a hard call pot and Every two months they give your number to the poor suckers who are hard up for a dollar to give you a call back,once your numbers in the mainstream of these annoying telemarketing companies, your number is no longer yours, sorry to all those poor people I ever rang, I was a sucker and I get these calls now from this number, pay backs a b****h.
Post by Belle 8 years ago !
receiving phone calls from this number and they immediately hang up.
Post by George Potts 8 years ago !
Absolute nuisance. Needs stopping.
Post by Ian 8 years ago !
Have been getting harrassing phonecalls as well and really would like them stopped from ringing, hanging up and not leaving any messages.
Post by michael 8 years ago !
This number calls everyday then hangs up I've checked my T Hub and there is 15 calls in the last 10 days.
Post by Newett 8 years ago !
I get a call from this number almost every week. I ignore numbers that I don't know but they keep on calling you until you answer and it is a nuisance and becoming like harassment.I want them to stop calling.
Post by Mandy 8 years ago !
This number keeps calling me and left a message via text once saying some dr wasn't in and could I ring back to re-schedule. And from what I've read it seems to be a scammer or something so hopefully the more they are reported the more likely some action will be taken
Post by Priscilla 8 years ago !
Same, same!! very very annoying getting unwanted or unsolicited cold calls ... Telstra sould put a stop to this bs, or the government should put in place legislation to make sure this can't continue... I'm blocking the number
Post by MML 8 years ago !
so sick of this number calling me. And when I do answer, why don't they speak? Or leave a message. This is ridiculous.
Post by Wendy 8 years ago !
I have had several calls from this number over the last few weeks. The caller hangs up when the answering machine comes on.
Post by Sally Henderson 8 years ago !
They Keep calling and when I answer there is no one there! I have heard it is a marketing campaign by telstra… I just want to know how to make the calls STOP! It's really annoying and borderline harassment
Post by Emma 8 years ago !
Same thing with me. Keep calling at least twice a day
Post by Alex 8 years ago !
After calling back I got the company name - TSA Telco group calling on behalf of Telstra. They ring my phone every day and hang up when I answer (even if I answer on the first ring. I too am on the do not call register, they should not be ringing.
Post by Rik 8 years ago !
Same story as others here, This number calls every day while I'm at work and unable to answer, never leaves a message and when I call the number back it rings once then cuts out... something suss there
Post by Kristie Robertson 8 years ago !
People calling from this number claim to be from Telstra DONT FALL FOR IT! They are scammers!
Post by anon 8 years ago !
Getting phone calls from this number daily. I keep rejecting the number. I keep getting calls becase my mobile is out of contract and they can't to lock me in another. "Don't call back stinky telemarketers. When I want a new contract I will initiate the process - not the other way around!"
Post by Lorena Cartes 8 years ago !
Extremely annoying number that just harass the crap out of you, and in the end it's a big waste of time, recommend telling them your not interested and they leave you alone
Post by Casper 8 years ago !
This number calling me I want them to stop them calling me.
Post by Ron 8 years ago !
Annoying! Prank telemarketer call! Probably not even telstra! Tired to call them back and the music while on hold wasn't telstra music! I know what telstra music sounds like too!
Post by Nathan 8 years ago !
Repeated daily calls, even on weekends, usually between 10am and 12pm EST, no DLS. Dialled number back, went through to Telstra telemarketing or something, chose to opt out of telemarketing calls. Says it will take 30 days so can't do anything about it.I am with Telstra, on a Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305T, placing number on Reject list doesn't stop calls. .
Post by Chris 8 years ago !
It's telstra and when you complain to them for Constance calls and hang ups by this number you get told its by one of their subcontractors and that you need to contact a 1800 number to opt out of the calls. It's ridiculous. When organised a home phone and have our details to telstra it wasn't so they could sell out our number (which only family have) to outside people. Very unimpressed!
Post by Erin 9 years ago !
Have had at least 10 calls from this number in 3 days. This is harassment.
Post by Jeni 9 years ago !
I have got 6 calls from this number over the past 2 days.. So over them calling for no reason.
Post by Candice Baganll 9 years ago !
Its TSA Telco Group, a major source of Telstra marketing. For some reason very few people including Telstra complaint know about them... I think they've been told not to know anything as the group is a major source of $ for Telstra.Google TSA Telco Group, lots of complaints
Post by Cecil 9 years ago !
I want them to stop them calling me.
Post by Joe 9 years ago !
Really annoying - over receiving these calls, in the last two days they have called 3 times. So over it - once I get home I am going to block their number.
Post by Helene 9 years ago !
I believe this is a telemarketer on behalf of Telstra. They ring my phone every single day and hang up, no message, nothing. I am on the do not call register, they should not be ringing to solicite any business from me.
Post by Tashlin Hall 9 years ago !
Had enough of this number calling anything up to 3 times a day. Got a whistle now and hope it deafens them. Seems all phone companies cant find nor fix. I even pay for private number, what for if this happens. Phone companies need to look into this sort of thing more on phone lines and not at a customer cost. Who and what does anyone knows being done about this and how do we stop this harassment
Post by belle 9 years ago !
I am frequently getting these calls on my mobile, and we receive them 4-5 times a day on the home ph. I'm sick of it it's harassment and needs to be stopped.
Post by Dean 9 years ago !
Stop calling me! Is anyone trying to get this stopped, its driving me crazy!
Post by Lulu 9 years ago !
I want them Telco to stop ringing me !!!!
Post by Karen goold 9 years ago !
Telstra wanting my business. They tried hard for me to change my internet and I told them no. I was also advised that they could save me money by changing my plan up by $10, and my wife's one up by an extra $14, so that is $24 more than what I am paying now. Same call rates and SMS limit, and half the data. How's that saving me money? I'm paying more for the same item!
Post by John R 9 years ago !
Lucky I came here first. Odd number, looks like an automated callbot thing. No doubt somebody is making 0.53 cents per call.
Post by brendon 9 years ago !
I too have received unsolicited calls from this number which are annoying. I found this thread by searching for the same number. In the past I've been contacted by a telemarketer on behalf of Telstra (perhaps the same one), but something didn't seem quite right with my details and their offers. They were very vague when I started to question them further. I've since blocked that number and will be adding this number as well to my block list - I'd suggest anyone else who's phone supports blocking to do the same. The common thread in this is that they don't leave a voice message. If you cannot block the caller, then at least redirect them directly through to voicemail.
Post by John 10 years ago !
Seriously annoying. How is this sort of rubbish legal?
Post by Paul 10 years ago !
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