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Phone Number: (07)3638-2112
Phone Number: 0736382112 / (07)3638-2112 / +61-(07)3638-2112
Area: 07 - Queensland
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Yet another call from these curry munching fuckheads.P iss off and stop calling. Who can this be further reported to?
Post by Annoyed 7 years ago !
The phone which they called me on is my Optus phone, & I haven't given my number to many people. So I think it is an internal Optus thing, where they must've gotten my number from Optus directly.I understand that if you lodge a formal complaint by calling your telephone service provider, then they can do something about it, in the mean time, we all suffer!
Post by Ben 7 years ago !
have tried to called me 5 times in 2 days..
Post by G Newcombe 7 years ago !
I got this call today and she said I could get a free new mobile phone. I said I am not interested. "Are you on a plan or prepaid?" she asked. I just hang up. I am sick of these scamming.
Post by Nth 7 years ago !
I received a phone call from this number not very long ago. I didn't answer it, of course, since I'm only 15 and don't answer unrecognizable phone numbers. It's pretty obvious telemarketers still exist nowadays, and it is really getting on my nerves.
Post by Anthony 7 years ago !
I answer a call from this number today (thinking it was a number I recognised from someone I was awaiting to call me back). The guy on the other end of the phone only identified himself as from my 'mobile package unit'. When I asked him to identify himself again he said the same thing with no reference to a company I recognised. When I started to say I was not able to continue the phone call he hung up before I had even finished my sentence. Very odd call. I feel like he was either trying to verify numbers as being a real phone number or get some personal information from me under a false pretense.
Post by Lidija 7 years ago !
i have had 4 phone calls so far... and after asking to be taken off their register, so i called the number and got through to them and then she "removed" me off their register
Post by Josh 7 years ago !
Have had two phone calls today from zen connect. Ask them to stop ringing
Post by Silvana 7 years ago !
Was called repeatedly from this number despite telling them I was not interested. I have complained to a supervisor "Richard", I have hung up on them repeatedly and have asked for my number to be taken off their calling listing. I asked for call reference and ABN and was denied and referred to www.zenconnect.com. I have now blocked their number on my phone. These people need to be stopped.
Post by Bela Somogyi 7 years ago !
called me 7 times in the last 2 days. i haven't answered because its inconvenient. and im glad i looked up.will block the number.
Post by emma 7 years ago !
Non stop harrasment. No message left. Wont pick up. Very annoying.
Post by Tim ball 7 years ago !
They constantly call me. I am sick of them harassing me.
Post by Kent 7 years ago !
How do these people get our number?
Post by Jay 7 years ago !
This phone number called me a few months ago telling me that I apparently won a new Samsung phone and I told them I wasn't interested because I know it wasn't serious. Now they have started to call me again and I have missed the phone calls and won't call back. They never leave a voice message and they have called me a few times in the past week. I know it is a scam!
Post by annonymous 7 years ago !
These people ring me once a week at least usually more. They've been doing it for like 4 months now. It's so annoying. I know there spam people and just want information. I never answer but if I do they don't talk. Can we get them shut down. There's over 100 complaints surely something can be done.
Post by Sophie 7 years ago !
Have rang me several days in a row...asked me where I live ..then hang up..or when I answer they hang up ...very annoying ...I have better things to do with my time ...
Post by Sandy 7 years ago !
Zen mobile, offering scam free mobile, calling from overseas
Post by Casey 7 years ago !
I am getting the calls from this number and sometimes blocked numbers as well. They says my number is selected for a free Samsung mobile. Please confirm your details & blaw blaw. Once I said to that Guy that pl. keep it with you I don't want it, he very rudely says get lost!I can very easily make it out by their accent that they are asian. It's very annoying sometime, no matter whatever you say they keep on calling you after a gab of some days.
Post by R S 7 years ago !
I've had about 8 calls from these people. Just keep on ignoring them. Unknow number - if you cannot leave a voice mail, just do not get answer.
Post by Anon 7 years ago !
This morning I had a very noisy answer then hang up call from this number. Tonight I had a cold call from "Nancy William" (which is a very common name in India, I'm sure) representing "Microsoft windows service department" (who never cold call) asking me to boot my computer (which was already on) to see if it was running slow (and it's blazing fast, baby!) because there's "been malware coming from it causing trouble in California".The background noise was extremely similar and "nancy" claimed to be based in Brisbane so I'm guessing it's the number of that scammer team.
Post by Aliasalpha 7 years ago !
They keep on calling.
Post by Paker 7 years ago !
Hey everyone, They are definitely a scam, if someone calls offering you a plan please please always ask for an ABN I they aren't willing to advise you on what it is it's almost always definitely going to be a scam.I called them back after reading comments on this on a private number and I can guarantee you it's a fraud. The lady I spoke with apparently had my number on file even though I'm with a completely different phone provider and always have been.Also as soon as I asked for an ABN and mentioned fraud is a federal offence she soon was calling me a scammer which makes no sense what so ever since I wasn't the person asking for money all I wanted was verification that the company exists.Also when you do receive promotional calls they will always call in a private number to prevent people from callin them back as they have to meet their sales and don't have time to talk to people who aren't interested .
Post by Trysta 7 years ago !
they just cant stop calling. someone cut their line off. kept calling me while i am at work! waste of time.
Post by K J 7 years ago !
Just had a call from the Indian sounding guy asking for my details to get a samsung galaxy delivered to me from Optus, didn't sound legit so I let the phone go quiet and then he hung up and tried to call back 3 times after that in a row, rung Optus and confirmed it wasn't them, have blocked their number since then, stupid tossers.
Post by Brendan 7 years ago !
Can any one stop this stupid number calling?No body talking and keep calling?Can these people go to the hell?
Post by Rape 8 years ago !
First I got a miscall from this number at 11am. Then they called me again about 330pm which I answered and it was very odd. I say hello and no sound came from the other side I said it twice and then suddenly all noise in the background like if it was a busy shopping centre then a guy in a very difficult English with a Asian I believe Vietnamese accent said he was from something blah blah how are you today?? I didn't understand so I ask "are selling something??"" he said I'm saying bye bye I just hung up quite annoyed. That's so strange I wonder what's the point for them to call if they know most of us hang up?? could they steal anything during the seconds of this call? And most importantly what can be done they should no be allow to disturb people's life.??
Post by Marty 8 years ago !
This number has been calling me for months now. When i first answered and they told me about how i'd won a phone i tried to stay on the line,i knew immediately it was a scam, but I could hear other foreign voices in the background calling others about the exact same "winning of a phone". The last time i answered i asked how i could get rid of them.. they immediately hung up. But they still continue to call.. so frustrating!!!! I hope no one falls for these scams. Terrible things they are doing to good people.
Post by Brittney 8 years ago !
Started calling yesterday have received four calls in total, my latest at 19:02, tries calling back but it just rings out..
Post by Brittney 8 years ago !
Got it - These are people that have got your name from a marketing database if you are Pay as you go mobile. They are from India but working for a Australian company, They are offering a cap price plan that apparently beats all others in the market etc etc. Yes it is the typical cold call sale tactic.Good luck.
Post by Anon 8 years ago !
Constant calling offering a free phone and wanting my address for delivery. I called back once and they told me I was the winner in my area. I asked what area that was and she told me she couldn't give out that infomation. Scam, scam, scam
Post by Kerrie 8 years ago !
A guy who said his name was Simon who worked for Optus rang me this evening. He said a freind refered him to me. He was offering me a new deal if I changed phone companies. When I hang up, he rang back and became very abusive. He used very graphic language.. I have rang Optus to make them aware that their name is getting used for fraudulent purposes.
Post by Callum 8 years ago !
Attempted to make a call at 7:25pm, 2 hours outside the legal telemarketing hours.
Post by Harley 8 years ago !
They keep calling and hanging up n not saying anything
Post by Bozz 8 years ago !
Multiple spam phone calls today to my mobile. Refused to say where they got my number. Shouldn't the Privacy ACT protect us from this abuse? This company should be fined and shut down.
Post by Sean Mullin 8 years ago !
2 calls from that number for me so far today. I answered the first and it was "Zen Desk" calling as per other reports.
Post by Deux 8 years ago !
they called me 4 times today, i never picked up.
Post by Keina 8 years ago !
Just random calls. Someone who has way too much time on their hands
Post by Hash 8 years ago !
I've been phone SPAMMED by these people for the last week. My colleagues and I are in the process of spamming them back. Please call this number and ask for a $3.50 Samsung Galaxy.
Post by Dave 8 years ago !
I have been called by this number multiple times and more than once a day. On the second call I asked to be taken off the caller list and yet I'm still getting calls from them. It's a waste of my time and there's.
Post by Bronwyn 8 years ago !
This number tried to call 3 times / day. It s a waste of time stop calling !!
Post by Valentine 8 years ago !
In the space of 6 hours, I got 2 calls from this number. Was told they are calling on behalf of Optus and that my number was selected for a new Samsung Galaxy phone. Contacted Optus and was told they were not doing anything like this. Safe to say this is a scam.
Post by Erin 8 years ago !
i really got tired from this company.many calls during the week advised them not to contact me but still calling me
Post by Michel Ghaly 8 years ago !
Had 2 phone calls today from this phone number. The first one woke me up while I was sleeping after finishing my night shift and the second was as I was leaving for work. Rang them back and no one answered. Bloody rude if you ask me.
Post by Haydyn 8 years ago !
This phone number all the time calling me to upgrade please please stop them. I never give them my number
Post by Mang Hre 8 years ago !
Non stop calls from 07 3638 2112.
Post by Renee 8 years ago !
Starting to receive this number today and it called twice at different hour during day time.First time, no response.
Post by Jimmy Gunawan 8 years ago !
4 calls and counting. Haven't picked up any of them. Tried calling back just then, no answer.
Post by Amy 8 years ago !
Received a call this evening on mobile from "Zen connect" offering me a free samsung galaxy only $54 a month for 24 months plan. Caller had an Indian accent.Frankly I love these calls as my goal is to keep them on the phone for as long as possible (therefor saving some other individuals from the scam!)Trick is to sound interested in the beginning then move the conversation onto my pet dog- "Oh excuse me my dog has just peed all over the carpet or my dog has just stolen my dinner will you wait a minute" -Have been able to keep them holding on for up to 10 minutes before they give up :)
Post by My Pet Dog 8 years ago !
number 07 3638 2112 called me two days in a row, and the second time, I said call me no speak English, so unfortunately always welcome and cup. If calling to marketing, you just said that. It will not bother me again
Post by dom 8 years ago !
This number so annoying me,last time this person says I am the one who's been choosing for Samsung galaxy s4. I hang up coz I don't wanna talk this stuff. Then after couple of days,called it again then if I answered,hang up and called again.then hang up.
Post by Ann 8 years ago !
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