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Phone Number: (07)3135-4949
Phone Number: 0731354949 / (07)3135-4949 / +61-(07)3135-4949
Area: 07 - Queensland
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Please stop calling me several times a day.
Call type:Unknown
Post by Maureen Lowrie 6 years ago !
They have been calling me 3-4 times a day at all hours of day or night. I answered once and they did not identify themselves and said that before they could speak to me they needed to confirm details. I asked who was calling and she repeated she could not speak to me until I confirmed all my details, name, dob, address, phone, So I hung up,
Call type:Unknown
Post by Andrew 6 years ago !
Missed call from Suncorp ... I have Suncorp insurance so does seem to not a scam in my case
Call type:Unknown
Post by Kel 6 years ago !
Obviously, scammers using Suncorp's name.
Call type:Unknown
Post by G R 6 years ago !
Same thing has been happening to me from 07 3135 4949. I have contacted AAMI and they have confirmed calls are coming from themselves. This is unfortunate as good companies with good business practices will NEVER call you out of the blue and ask for your personal details over the phone, so please don't ever do this to anyone that calls you, as this is exactly what the identity thief's do. It is common knowledge nowadays with current affair shows constantly warning you about it. Wherever they say they are from, call the company on their real number and tell them what has happened.
Call type:Unknown
Post by Steven 6 years ago !
I'm also getting lots of calls from this number - and I am not insured with any of these companies. Most times I don't even have the phone ring it just pops up as a message for a missed call. So annoying.
Call type:Unknown
Post by Rob Wiggins 6 years ago !
Keep getting calls from this number several times a day but they don't leave a message. Very very annoying
Call type:Unknown
Post by Julia Clarke 7 years ago !
I received several calls today from 61731354949 on 12/11/14 they don't speak! I don't answer now. Why can't these people be caught and jailed?
Call type:Unknown
Post by Carol 7 years ago !
Whatever you Do Do not ever answer and report
Call type:Prank Call
Post by SCAM Alert 7 years ago !
I have received calls from this number asking if I have received the investment information in the mail and do I have time to discuss. I have neither requested nor received any info of the type they are talking about.
Post by Gary M 7 years ago !
Received a call from "Aaron" with "AAMI" asking to confirm my details. Just name address and phone number. Sounded suspicious. Before I answered I was getting 3-4 calls a day for about a week. Never a message left.
Post by J Chau 7 years ago !
Got a call from this one today saying they were from AAMI wanting to update customer contact details? Female caller, high pitched voice.
Post by Brad R 7 years ago !
Getting constant calls from this number. I have blocked the number, but they can leave a message and never do. I have now found out that it's because I have insured with AAMI, which is own by Suncorp, hence the reason why they keep calling to sell me some insurance of some sort.Anyway, for those who want to give them an earfull since they don't answer from the number they call, the Suncorp complaint number is 1800 689 762. Found it on their websites. Someone should them to have the courtesy to leave a message instead of keeping on calling -- if we are interested after listening to the message, we can decide to get back to them. This is harrassment when someone calls you several times a week and doesn't leave a message.Suncorp, if you are reading this, it's bad for your business -- aggressive telemarketing makes people angry. I will NEVER take up another insurance with your group of companies because of that type of behaviour. When I took an insurance with AAMI, it was not to be harrassed on a daily basis with unsolicited phone calls. Leave a message, leave us alone and move on.
Post by Laurie 7 years ago !
Oh my god. I just got a call from this number. The male caller said the call it's from AAMI, wanted to confirm my contact details. He read out my details in their system. I didn't give him extra info, but only said "yes" to whatever he read out to me. Whoever comes out this idea is definitely not smart.
Post by Lily 7 years ago !
I have had three calls from this number in the last two days all as missed calls to my mobile which is on international roaming so I assume costing me for each call received - very annoying!
Post by Mark Toleman 7 years ago !
They have called me twice today. I didn't pick up their call as I have no idea who they are. Thank you all for letting me know that this is a random call number and save me from returning their calls.Cheers.
Post by Ken Chan 7 years ago !
I am getting over 10 calls a day from this number which I do not answer. They do not leave a voicemail. Who are these creeps?
Post by Craig 7 years ago !
This number has called me at least once a day during the past week.
Post by Cody-lee 7 years ago !
Phone calls received from this number at least once a week, not genuine. Male caller.
Post by K.M. 7 years ago !
They keep ringing every day but dont leave a message, obviously not that important, I wont be answering them
Post by Julie M 7 years ago !
I had this number pop up today. I answered it and a male caller asked for my husband to confirm AAMI details. Sounded weird to me, I said I had to go and it was a bad time to talk. After reading above, I will not be confirming anything with him.
Post by Caitlin 8 years ago !
Caller said he was Suncorp wanting to confirm my wife's details and wanted to verify details. Very dodgy,obviously a scam.BE AWARE, Canadian accent,. You call the number back and u get a Suncorp answering machine.
Post by Kim 8 years ago !
Calls from this number every other day. Suncorp really isn't doing itself any favours.
Post by Angela 8 years ago !
I get this call at least twice a day. I dont answer but I have left a message asking who it is. They don't reply.
Post by Rosie H 8 years ago !
This number has been ringing me every day at least 4 times a day for the last few weeks. Never leaves a voice message, so to me it cant be important or genuine.Very frustrating and want it to stop.
Post by Luke 8 years ago !
Got a call from this number today - didn't answer it so googled to check who might be - got this page. Looks like isn't the first time that number has called me either.
Post by V.M 8 years ago !
Received 3 calls.They want to check and confirm my details. Why?
Post by Vin 8 years ago !
I would like to have this phone number stopped from ringing me as I am sik and tired of this number calling me I am a pensioner and do not have good health Heather Boyd
Post by Ms Heather Boyd 8 years ago !
I received 2 calls today, one missed call..they rang back later...said they were from AAMI/GIO calling about my insurance...i said oh i didnt think i was with AAMI anymore and she said okay then no problem dont worry about it...asian sounding woman
Post by baffy 8 years ago !
This number has been calling me everyday for two weeks. When I call back there is just a recorded msg apparently form the Suncorp group. I've called the Suncorp group and its defiantly a scam. As soon as I can catch the call I will have some fun ... any suggestions for scamming scammers would be appreciated.
Post by Beth 8 years ago !
Continuous calls from this number also! I'm not answering and they are not leaving voicemails.
Post by Cate 8 years ago !
Had 4 calls from this number today, but didn't answer as I didn't recognise the number.Another forum says it is Suncorp !!
Post by Mandy 8 years ago !
Have just started receiving calls from this number. Have not answered as I don't know who they are and no message is left. Would really like them to stop.
Post by Tamara 8 years ago !
If I receive another call from this number I will phone the police
Post by Sue Sant 8 years ago !
As with everyone. Made an email inquiry with AAMI and here's their reply -"Thank you for your query regarding the Outbound Call. As part of our commitment to keeping customer information up to date the Outbound department make yearly phone calls to check and verify customer information to ensure it is accurate. "Our consultants are trained to handle customer objections and reassure our customers that it is a legitimate call. "We appreciate you passing on this feedback so that we can continue to work with our operators to ensure they are eliminating stress and providing peace of mind. "If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email us." I simply wish they'd stop. After all they DON'T need to check every year particularly when I continuously insure with them.
Post by Cindi 8 years ago !
I have had 3 missed calls from this number in one morning, I have not been able to answere any but they leave blank messages so I am paying to access and listen to my voicemails for nothing. Very frustrating
Post by Laura 8 years ago !
Keep getting missed calls on my mobile from this number. The last time I declined the call they then immediately called back on my home phone. I always check now at the area code and if it is not a Perth area code I don't answer. Must say they are very persistent.
Post by Natalie Cooper 8 years ago !
This number has phone me t in t days and they don,t leave a message,if it's kept ringing I will report t the police
Post by Maryanne 8 years ago !
Getting calls everyday, often twice a day, never leaves a message. Very annoying!
Post by Susan 8 years ago !
Add me to the list of people who've received numerous calls from this phone number, Thanks for the information guys. I now know it's nothing important.
Post by B.Harrison 9 years ago !
I got a call from this indian bloke (yes ive worked in call centres I know w I at indian sounds like) I said helloo he said hello amd hung up... weird..
Post by elle 9 years ago !
They ring me every day, sometimes twice a day for the past 2 weeks. Have never answered as didn't recognise number and they never leave message. Very annoying.
Post by Ann 9 years ago !
Some Indian man called demanding to know my my personal details. I told him where to go and hung up. He called me back and called me some rude words in hindi. I told him his mother must be proud and he said he was fornicating with my mother right now. He said he is in Melbourne but I suspect its some dirty call centre in New Delhi.
Post by Bob 9 years ago !
Ive been getting at least 3-4 calls from this number a day during the week. they never leave a voicemail - so very frustrating!!!
Post by Emma 9 years ago !
they currently call me at least 4 times a day, I will not answer it, thanks to this internet page I now know its a dodgy call and am not ignoring an important call.
Post by Wayne G 9 years ago !
I have been getting missed calls from this number for 2 weeks now. Finally answered it today and was a delay,definately overseas caller,then an asian or indian person with very poor english said they were calling from suncorp gio.I interupted them and said I was not interested in any more insurance,and they said that is not why we are calling you maam and do you have some time to talk? I am calling about a letter we sent you.(have not recieved any letter)I said no I do not and she said ,"ok maam ,thank you very much and have a nice day". Scammers
Post by Selena 9 years ago !
Ringing several times a day No message left. Noone answers when I return the call. I m a professional and cannot have nuisance calls disturbing me.
Post by mary nicholas 9 years ago !
This number has called me three or four times a day for the last couple of months. We just let it ring out, pity they don't get the message. Next step is a complaint to Consumer Affairs.
Post by Greg 9 years ago !
Phone calls at least four times a week from 073135 4949
Post by Linda Ross 9 years ago !
i keep getting called from this number and i want it to stop.
Post by mark henderson 9 years ago !
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