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Phone Number: (03)9999-0050
Phone Number: 0399990050 / (03)9999-0050 / +61-(03)9999-0050
Area: 03 - Victoria, Tasmania
(03)9999-0050 Phone number Reports 49
0399990050 is now on my reject list . the last 3 weeks my email accounts have been majorly spammed i camt even be bothered sorting thru to find the emails i NEED.... this number and about 7 other WEIRD numbers keep callin my phone and i just rang tuis one back THEY know my details who ever theu are. this is bullshit
Call type:Telemarketer
Post by mommy tailz 7 years ago !
I just received a phone call from this number and didn't answer it. I then rang them back from a work phone (no caller ID) someone answered the first time and I hang up. the 2nd time I rang, it was directed to the voice message. it's a survey company.
Call type:Survey
Post by lily 7 years ago !
I just received a call from this number and thank goodness i have read this... so i have added this number to the 'blocked' list on my iphone... i won't be hearing from them anymore....
Post by Luni 7 years ago !
Somebody using this number repeatedly calls my Business mobile. It is terribly annoying as I know it is Marketing /Sales. How I can ensure they refrain from calling me as they do not seem to get the message!
Post by Craig 7 years ago !
Got a missed call from that number and when I rang, someone who had a very thick accent (Indian I believe) picked up. I had to make him repead about 4 times, didn't understand really and hung up.
Post by Emilie 7 years ago !
These people have been calling for the last few days and just at now I managed to answer the phone in time. By chance I had just found this page ..."Hello""Good afternoon Sir" - cold calling then."Please do not call this number again, thank you.""OK, I just have a couple of questions that will only take a couple of minutes of your time.""You may have none of my time, good day."(starts speaking again, I hung up)Well there you have it; my advice, answer the phone and just let it sit on the side until they get bored.Best,Simon
Post by Simon Young 7 years ago !
03 99990050 rings me every day an when I acer they hang up makes me very frustrated
Post by Emma 7 years ago !
I received a missed call from this number while I was at work. It really bothered me since I'm expecting important calls. I checked the net for information and good thing I read this. I won't be answering that call anyway if it calls back.
Post by JLL 7 years ago !
I get a few missed calls from this number every day and usually during work hours. I don't know who it is and if I answer it, its just some random voice message tone.
Post by Fiona McMath 7 years ago !
rings 3 times a day and hangs up don't know who it is has been going on for 2 months
Post by Holly Symons 7 years ago !
Constantly calling. At least 4 times per day. When I call back it doesnt connect. Grrr
Post by Vikki 7 years ago !
We get calls everyday. When we ask not to Be contacted again they call every hour. We Even joined the do not call register but they Just keep on calling
Post by Hannah 7 years ago !
Just missed a call from them. Thought it might have been my job agency but looked it up beforehand and found this page. Will not be answering their calls if they ring again.
Post by Holly 7 years ago !
It's very annoying to receive so many miss calls from this number. It must be a spam or telemarketing cll.
Post by Leo 8 years ago !
They called - for the 10th time at least! - ask who they are speaking to - which should be my right as they are calling me! - and when I gave a fake name they still continued on their call! I have asked at least 10 times for them to no longer call me, however the calls never stop! I have no interest in taking on insurance - especially from a telemarketer!
Post by Leanne Cartledge 8 years ago !
Everyday also.Usually when trying to do dinner,they wont take no. I am busy...they have tried alsorts of schemes.why yesterday they were trying to sell me a package deal for an 18 day holiday for a few 100 dollars,i couldnt find my purse..then they asked me to find a bankstatement with my account no's. I said call tommorrow..It dawned on me they have tried other sort of schemes.yes I would like this number blocked pleaee.
Post by Gigi 8 years ago !
keeps ringing while i am at work....annoying
Post by mirra 8 years ago !
Constantly calling and not able to verify who is calling...do not answer...maybe they'll go away...lol
Post by Peter Heathfield 8 years ago !
This caller asked for my wife and needed to confirm more of her details and stated they were from Insurance line, when I tried to get more info from them they just side stepped the questions I replied this is a scam and hung up. I then called insurance line and told them I was upset about recieving this type of call who said they would remove it from their system. I also called the 9999 0050 number and got a call centre who stated they we from a survey company I expressed my discust and told them to remove my number
Post by Tom 8 years ago !
They called me saying they're not doing a survey and they want to verify my details to send funeral cover information, I asked them to remove my details from their list and not call again, they continued trying to get me to verify details and said they weren't selling anything they just wanted to send me some information. I asked them to remove me again and hung up. This just happened so not sure if they'll keep calling or not
Post by Sarah 8 years ago !
This number keeps ringing me and when I answer they just hang up. Obviously telemarketers
Post by Kellie 8 years ago !
This no has continually rang my mobile I do not give out my mobile no only to people I know they continue to ring for at least the last week.
Post by Jan Redshaw 8 years ago !
This number calls me everyday, I mostly do not answer, but when I do they are trying to 'check up' on the insurance policy i apparently got with them, but I have never bought anything off them. Very frustrating and dont know how to stop the calls!
Post by Jennefer 8 years ago !
Who are this people they also ring me all then time can they be stop
Post by Unknown 8 years ago !
This number called me today and, laughably, they told me that I was being rude to them when I wasn't enthusiastic about yet another telemarketing call. She said 'you sound like your attitude is rude' when my tone was down on them calling. I'm so sick of the telemarketing, it is the epitome of rude. How can they believe that they are entitled to my attention and that secondly I should sound 'less rude' ha ha!
Post by Enraged 8 years ago !
I have had about 8 calls from this number over the past 2 weeks,when I answer they hang up
Post by Brian 8 years ago !
Curious to know if you list with Do not call, will they stop? My son is getting these non stop calls also. We are doing that so keep you posted.
Post by Anonymous 8 years ago !
I sent them an Email asking them not to contact me and yet they still do everyday this is getting really anoying..
Post by stephen fischer 8 years ago !
Same problem as everyone else, thanks Chris for the tip I have just blocked them on my I Phone
Post by Leonie 8 years ago !
I am receiving so many miss calls from this no. this is really annoying.
Post by Lakshi 8 years ago !
this number rings me all day everyday for the last week keep hanging up on them but still wont get that im not interested
Post by sandra 8 years ago !
received 4 missed calls from this number today alone...dont know what they want nor do I want to know what they want.
Post by Julie Lim 8 years ago !
this number has veen calling non stop since the 31 july every day i get at least 4 missed calls from them I finally had enough and answered then a msg pops up on my screen saying voice mail unavailable...unable to initiate connection omg this is driving me insane the constant ringing!!!! I have listed on the do not call regifter and recieved an email back stating they do not have enough information on who this number is from.....just block this damn number from ever dialling anyone!!!!!
Post by keira 8 years ago !
Call every other day. I often don't answer. I have asked on numerous occasions to remove me from the call list and that I am not interested. It has now become harrasment, as they continue to call!!
Post by Ant 8 years ago !
ringing everyday. Saturday as well.
Post by Grant Davis 8 years ago !
I recently have a new mobile phone number so I was surprised when this tele-marketing company rang me to verify my details and to inform me that someone will be phoning me from Insuranceline (or one of their agents). I asked the lady where did she get my phone number from. She informed me that I must have filled out an online form and she got my information from Veda or similar name. I informed her I wouldn't be buying any products or confirming any information. This is a real invasion of privacy.
Post by Chris Alton 8 years ago !
I dont appreciate calls at 11 o'clock at night. Actually I dont appreciate telemarketing calls at all. Please do something about this.
Post by Kylie Hann 9 years ago !
2-3 calls a day. Phone only rings twice. Cannot return the call
Post by Jody 9 years ago !
Calling 3-4 times a day. Finally answered as I am sick of the number of calls to tell them politiely I wasn't interested in whatever they were selling and the phone calls needed to stop, and the stupid person said "I understand but..blah blah" and kept on trying to sell me their insurance products. I hung up.
Post by Caitlin 9 years ago !
Receive 1 call from them everyday at same time, however they do not even let the phone ring for entire length, so I can never answer it, to tell them to buggar off. So annoying. Have blocked them. Surely there is something that can be done about these stupid companies!!
Post by Charis 9 years ago !
I got missed call from this number numerous time. I had chance to pick up and the voice says 'hi Jennifet' I said ' I sm sorry you got wrong number' but she tried to talk for couple minutes and I just said that I am at work and busy, got to go.Never get call from this number again. So relieve .
Post by Yuliana 9 years ago !
Can this number be stopped from continuously ringing me ?
Post by John 9 years ago !
This number is the 'dial-out' number from LifeStyle Insurance.Call them back and request "to have your number removed from their call register, as you have received calls from them before and have advised that you are not interested, and therefore do not wish to receive any future calls or any future contact".You will be asked for your number, so please provide it and get a confirmation that your number will be removed from their register.Cheers.GG
Post by Greg 9 years ago !
I received a telephone call from this number. I had a woman confirm my details and ask if I had funeral cover. I replied no and that I wasn't planning on having any. She then hung up on me! Its one thing to disturb someone on their mobile but it is another to be rude and terminate a call. DO NOT PICK UP FROM THIS NUMBER! I hope the company sees this message. Your staff are shocking.
Post by Bethany 9 years ago !
Call #1 just happened but I recently blocked a couple of similar callers that had been constantly calling through every single day of wk and from what I've read will doing same with this number,how frustrating
Post by Eliza 9 years ago !
Thye ring all day long, when I answer there is silence. What is going on, how do I get on the do not call register if I cant find out who they are?Help!!!!
Post by Rob Bellian 9 years ago !
i have never taken much notice of this number in the past just missed a call from them i tried to ring back but nothing then goes to engaged signal but normally i get these people ringing my home no and saying they are doing a survey first question they want to know what bank i am with i am getting sick of it i keep telling them i am not interested and hang up
Post by shirley bartolo 9 years ago !
Number keeps ringing and when i called back, automated message saying ring 03 9999 0051 to stop calls. Tried to call that number but voicemail box is full and no option to leave message.
Post by N.C 9 years ago !
I just received a phone call from the same number, but i accidentally hung up on them. I'm glad i found these complaints about them. Wont be answering them again.
Post by Jade 9 years ago !
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