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Phone Number: (03)9284-9093
Phone Number: 0392849093 / (03)9284-9093 / +61-(03)9284-9093
Area: 03 - Victoria, Tasmania
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been ringing now for 3 weeks 3 to 4 times a day
Post by John 7 years ago !
So over these people ringing me. I answer (the times I've managed to get to it before it stops) and nobody is ever there! I've now added them to the reject list on my mobile - hoping that works. So glad I found this site.
Post by MzFedUp 7 years ago !
Keeps calling my son at school. I am not very impressed he is only 16.
Post by Kit Kat 7 years ago !
I have received 6 x calls from this number so far today, everytime I answer it just hangs up, over the last week, the calls have been intermittent sometimes 1 or 2 a day or some days there are none, can something be done about this as it's getting annoying
Post by Jenny Crawford 7 years ago !
Recieved calls from this number, finally I answered it and told the I was not interested. But they called again within 2 hours. Getting calls daily during weekdays. I am Fed Up
Post by David 7 years ago !
Have said not interested more than 50 times yet they continue to call.
Post by William Ritchie 7 years ago !
constantly receiving calls from this number. what to do????????
Post by rashmi 7 years ago !
keep on calling almost everyday,but not even talking at all.. its a nuisance
Post by PHILIP GALVEZ 7 years ago !
Same as others. Calls at least daily at work. No answer or voice message
Post by Carol Hourigan 7 years ago !
I have been receiving 2 calls per day for last 3 months+ - even though I have informed them I am not intersted they still call!!
Post by Leanne 7 years ago !
I have been called twice a day every day for over a week, i am not interested and have made this very clear yet they insist on calling again and again. this has to be borderlining harasssment!
Post by ebony 7 years ago !
I have been contacted by these people x4 times a day for the last two weeks, they wont leave a message, the first time I told them this isn't a good time and Im not interested, still they harass me, this is crap and Im on the do not call register what a friggin joke that is
Post by Karen 7 years ago !
Constantly calls everyday and has been for the last 3 weeks, no messages left! One would think if the person is not answering the call after a couple of days you would give up! Just stop already!!!!!!
Post by Harris 7 years ago !
Please make them stop! I have tried politely telling them I am not interested but the number keeps calling - often there is no one on the other end.
Post by KaT 7 years ago !
had been calling numerous times. Had already said not interested.
Post by dona 8 years ago !
So annoying!!!!This number keeps calling me every day!
Post by Charlotte 8 years ago !
Just rang me, I answered in time, nobody there, missed call. Ive been inundated with these calls. There must be a law against it!!!!
Post by Feef 8 years ago !
I shouldnt be getting calls from this number, as i am under the age of 18
Post by Natalie 8 years ago !
Yep, they just keep calling. I'm a shift worker. I hope they have very good ear protection. I've now saved their number.
Post by Tank 8 years ago !
Just tell them to remove your name from the contact list.
Post by Kezza Bee 8 years ago !
approx. 2 calls a day for the past 2 weeks
Post by Pav 8 years ago !
rings 5 times everyday very annoying
Post by Brian Burnett 8 years ago !
I have been called even 3 times everyday,but no answer when I picked up my phone,make me so mad
Post by yang fan 8 years ago !
This number calls our cell phone couple times a day for weeks.
Post by Thom Little 8 years ago !
I am sick and tired of these call, stop calling not interested of what you are selling, can't you take no for an answer
Post by godwin dimech 8 years ago !
I'm over it this is harassment they call non stop all day everyday
Post by Susan 8 years ago !
Have repeatedly told them I am not interested. Keep calling my home phone because I have blocked them on my mobile. Should not have to pretend I am not home because they keep calling.
Post by Kelly 8 years ago !
Ringing 3 x day for weeks. Have asked for it to stop online but it still happens.
Post by Dianne Nicholas 8 years ago !
this number keeps calling me at least 3 to 4 times a day, so over it.what can I do to stop them
Post by Liz 8 years ago !
Calling my mobile everyday after I have told them recently that I am not interested. Immediatelly after the mobile call they call my work number and when I answer there is nobody there. Highly unprofessional and they should be stopped.
Post by Eva 8 years ago !
Constantly ringing,has been for weeks
Post by Fred croker 8 years ago !
I receive a barrage a calls from this number. Leaving no message just constantly calling my phone.
Post by alison 8 years ago !
This number is calling my cell phone oonce or twice a day, now for about some months.How can I stop them?
Post by Mehdi Adibi 8 years ago !
They are trying to sell life insurance even when i said this wasnt a good time to call they rang back within an hour and since then at least 2x a day. I just ignore it now but it annoys the hell out of me. Leave me alone
Post by Jenny 8 years ago !
Calls three times a day for the past 5 weeks
Post by Ricard 8 years ago !
This number called me just now. I didn't pick up, rather googled the number as I didn't recognise it. I'm glad I never picked up or I would have been furious.
Post by Cara 8 years ago !
Insurance line have been calling me for about 5 months now every weekday.I told them after about the 3 call that I was not interested and that I would like my number to be taken off the list.They just won't stop harassing me.This is ridiculous! Please do somthing!
Post by Tamara 8 years ago !
These guys keep calling me but nobody answers and they hang up after about 5 seconds. Try and call them, the numbers busy. They are becoming quite irritating
Post by Christopher 9 years ago !
They just keep calling, but never long enough to get to answer.Several times a day & often 2-3 times in a row.I have registered on the do not call site but still getting calls from within Australia :(
Post by Debra 9 years ago !
i am sick of this number calling me as I had rang from relay service there no answer as I am full deaf and will stop calling me stop play game calling me repeat....
Post by Sharon 9 years ago !
insurance line grrr i have even blocked the number and they just call off a different one
Post by steven 9 years ago !
I have been called twice a day on my mobile twice a day for the last 2 weeks. I refuse to answer and they never leave a message. It is harassment and given this has been going on since October last year the number should be discontinued.
Post by Lee 9 years ago !
Has called the past 3 days, sometimes 3 times a day. Does not ever leave a message and doesnt ever let it ring long enough to go to message bank, just long enough to annoy the absolute crap out of me.It's life insurance hey? Next time they call, I'm picking up and getting abusive. It should be illegal for companies to be so goddamn persistent, it's so frustrating!
Post by Chantelle 9 years ago !
Calls every day and never leaves a message - very annoying!
Post by Steph 9 years ago !
Calls start at 8am and several times every day, it is an automatic system once you answer it switches to a sales rep if one is available which for me is never.
Post by Colin Caynes 9 years ago !
Calls 10 times a day
Post by Janine Guthrie 9 years ago !
Constant calls for months. I have tried absolutely everything. even as far as to agree to being called direct by insurance line just so i could then complain to a higher up. god damn they are persistent. I am being harassed by this number, but they have EVERYTHING: Home address, DOB, Mobile number, Home number, Work number. Seems there is nothing to do :( Interesting how it only started since switching to Optus prepaid though....within days actually.
Post by SKOM 9 years ago !
Call me at least 3 times a day. Never leave a message when I can't answer. Why bother? Think I'll block the number but very annoyed they don't announce who they are.
Post by Catherine 9 years ago !
Has been calling me more than 4 times a day for the last 3 weeks!!!
Post by Tahnee Hradecky 9 years ago !
I get calls from this number everyday and im over it. what can I do.
Post by Irene Canny 9 years ago !
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