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Phone Number: (03)8554-6280
Phone Number: 0385546280 / (03)8554-6280 / +61-(03)8554-6280
Area: 03 - Victoria, Tasmania
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yep im fed up too i am on the do not register and have a silent number this is a 5th number that keeps ringing me this one just holds the phone line up so noone else can ring me another one that is soooooooooooo instistent even when i have talked with someone and called them liars i think it is from the same place 0386341093 is the one i have talked to says he is from NAB banking he told me they had 10 landline numbers and 2 mob lines they can ring from both numbers i belive are in the melbourne area, i am fed up NAB banking do not ever call about your account ever the federal police need to get involved cos they are asking people to verify their bank account number once they get hold of that your done something needs to be done i get about 10 calls a day from these sort of people im getting my phone disconnected done im done fed up fed up
Post by polly 7 years ago !
This number rings at all times of the day (generally numerous times a day) and have had a call at 930 at night from them, if you don't answer they wont leave a message, I have advised I'm not interested in making a donation and to stop call me but the next day they call again.. PLEASE STOP THEM FROM CALLING. If they continue I will be taking legal action....
Post by Elizabeth Turner 7 years ago !
I keep getting calls daily from this number - they never leave a message
Post by Faye 7 years ago !
Absolutely annoying!! Operator was outright rude, who is also trying to talk to a deceased person, and he would not get off the stupid phone. What sort of INSENSITIVE company or people are these?What if they are on the receiving end of such stupidity???
Post by Gabriel 7 years ago !
I Keep receiving phone calls from this number. Would really appreciate if they could just stop!!
Post by Jen 7 years ago !
26/4/2013 STOP THIS FKN CALLER OR I WILL KILL OFF THISCHARITY IF IT EXIT AT ALL! I've had enough every morning with this man.
Post by Amoy 7 years ago !
Just got a call asking to speak to my mum. When I ask if I can take a message, they say it's a charity and they'll call back later. My mum keeps getting calls from them. If there's anyway to stop it, please let me know.
Post by Geri 8 years ago !
This number rings me three times a day. I never pick it up but when I call back it is always engaged. Want it to stop. Very annoying.
Post by Lisa 8 years ago !
I am so sick of these people calling. I am on the Do not call register but still I have to put up with annoying calls from this number. Please some one do something about them
Post by Gloria 8 years ago !
I have this crap very couple of months, is always 03 area code, but with a different number for a few weeks. this web site my help. https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/content/index.phtml/tag/reportascam/this is there contact info. The SCAMwatch ACCC Infocentre on 1300 795 995
Post by zzzspina 8 years ago !
Sick to death. Everyday, first thing in the morning and then in the evening. I just want it to stop. I have nine numbers calling me three times every day. Enough is enough.
Post by rachel 8 years ago !
Continually get missed calls from this number. I am alwasy at work so cant answer my phone. They never leave a messgae and I cant call back.Has been going on for months!
Post by Sammi 8 years ago !
I have received my first call today 14/10/13 asked for me by name which worries me how did he get my details. I hung up as I was at work and thanks to you all will try and block his number.
Post by Sandy 8 years ago !
I don't why I get so many calls from this number without receiving a message. I have added you as a pest call so you never get answer from me. Go ahead and waste your time as much as you like.
Post by From Sydney 8 years ago !
Rings my mobile (am at work) listens to me without saying anything as I get increasingly pissed off and then hangs up on me?!?!? How rude is that! I have to answer in case it's something to do with my kids but this really sucks. I have had calls from this prefix before and it traces back to a block of VOIP numbers (computer telephony) so it's likely a scam. Can't someone shut them down?
Post by Luc 8 years ago !
I get calls from this number every day, when I answer there is no-one there, when I try to call back it either rings out or is engaged. What are we meant to do?
Post by Belinda 8 years ago !
I receive several calls from this number. I'm beginning to believes its linked to a survey site I started a few weeks ago. I can guess most of you recently join this site and filled out a survey about charity organisations right? Thats most likely how they got onto your number.. through your account. Sneaky devils right! Be pre warned there are quite a few of these callers but each under different numbers.
Post by Tori 8 years ago !
This number calls me about every second day. I didn't recognize it and have not answered. After a couple of weeks of calls, I decided to look the number up on the Net, and found I was not the only one getting these unsolicited calls.
Post by Paul Donley 8 years ago !
Pls anyone do something ! I got call from this number everyday couple of time even 8 pm at night.its rediculas! Last year when they call first they said its from vision Australia and want me to donate I donated $30 and after that they call me over and over even I said I can't donate anymore.dont know how to stop them.
Post by Afrin 8 years ago !
Keeps calling no one there then it hangs up everyday at the same time
Post by Peter 8 years ago !
omg they just threatened me !!!!!!!! i redialled its engaged!!!!!
Post by rock 8 years ago !
This is a most persistent and very annoying caller - seems to be unable to accept the words "DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN". It is bothering my daughter on both her landline and mobile phone. Next time they ring it'll be a matter of taking legal action against the call centre or the charity it purports to represent. PLEASE WILL SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT??
Post by Bob Davies 8 years ago !
This phone number rings my mobile constantly. When I call back either engaged or answering machine which does not allow messages
Post by paul 8 years ago !
This number is calling me on my mobile every night at the same time, and if I try to ring back, get an engaged tone
Post by Margaret Hollis 8 years ago !
I received my first call from this number today & same crap as above. Since I moved to a new address & registered with Australia Post 11months ago I have been getting random calls from unknown numbers. Australia Post must be stopped from from selling off people's details......it is a joke & they have no right in doing so.
Post by Dianne Brockhus 9 years ago !
constantly ring I have said no but still rings again.This charity if it is the real one is making me not want to donate to any charity because of the constant hounding.I have said NO
Post by Sean Hinds 9 years ago !
I've obviously joined the not so exclusive Club!!These people are SAD!Pleased to know I am not being singled out tho!
Post by Yvonne 9 years ago !
I have had same problems as above - constant calls every day on my mobile phone, return call always engaged. I have blocked them on my phone and hoping this will stop them being able to get through. (did this on iphone - by going into info button and scrolling down to 'block this caller') They are calling off this number and another number. Most places which are legit have a call back msg when you return the call telling you that they tried to get in touch so I agree this must be a scam - lady accidently left msg today though which sounded like she said something like 'answer your phone for once in your life!' as she was placing the receiver down - classic!
Post by Jess 9 years ago !
This number calls me relentlessly and has done for several months now. Sometimes several times a day, before hours, during hours and after hours. I never answer and they never leave a voicemail.This needs to stop before I take further action. It's frustrating and rude.
Post by Angela Low 9 years ago !
Endless missed calls
Post by G Edwards 9 years ago !
Calls every day...try to call back..always engaged. I have now blocked them on my phone - THIS IS RIDUCULOUS
Post by VIcki 9 years ago !
Constant phone calls which I no longer answer, claim to be from disability services Australia. I answered one call and demanded that I be removed from their database, they hung up on me and I am still getting the calls. This is harassment, what can be done.
Post by Ray Hartney 9 years ago !
This number called me and when I answered it, they hung up. This number appears on several listings that have identified it as a telemarketer type call asking for donations and trying to get credit card details. Most of those complaints identify that the organisation being represented is a NSW-based one but the number is Victorian, so suspicions are raised immediately and could be a scam.
Post by Cliff 9 years ago !
I am getting frequent calls from this number. I never answer them (or any unrecognised number). Either leave a message or just stop calling you pests!
Post by Michael Costello 9 years ago !
Hello, I am currently receiving a daily phone call from this number. When they first started calling, I was answering the call but all I got was a guy laughing. Now when I get the daily call, I ignore it. It would be great if you could stop it. Thanks, Sue
Post by Sue Benson 9 years ago !
This company calls at least once a day sometimes twice a day. I'm on the "Do not Call" register, but it seems to have little effect with this company.
Post by Daniel 9 years ago !
This number has just started calling me every day. I've told them not to call me and I am not interested, but i guess they only know certain english words and no or dont call me again are not on their list of recognised english words. Jerks!
Post by joanne 9 years ago !
I have been getting calls from this number almost daily. Apparently if you call (03) 8554 6100 you can ask to be removed from their call lists. I don't have any phone credit until next week, so I will have to suffer until then. Their call centres are http://www.sha.net.au/contact
Post by Dizy 9 years ago !
I work night shift and this number ringsme constantly throughout the day 10 times some days - I have to turn my phone off or onto silent to stop this, NOT satisfactoryas work may need me through the day.Is there something that can be done about these sort of callers.Any suggestions - thanks.
Post by Lee 9 years ago !
I picked up and they asked for my mum's name... I knew it was a scam so I just said that they had the wrong number and then the man asked me if I lived on **** street in ***** NSW and I was like how the hell did he know my or my mum's address???
Post by Georgie 9 years ago !
Its definitely a scam. Ive worked for charities and telemarketing sadly and legally they have to take you off the number feed when you request. Its a scam but block the number and hope it doesnt get worse.
Post by Michelle 9 years ago !
In the same boat as everyone else, continually rings never leaves a message when answered just breathes into the phone and hangs up.
Post by Lisa annoyed 9 years ago !
This number is calling me several times a day!
Post by Jess 9 years ago !
I had a missed call this morning, rang back and got a recorded message telling me that I couldn't leave a message.
Post by David Boyd 9 years ago !
I have just received a call from this number on my mobile. When I answered, it disconnected. So I rang it back from the home phone, which is silent. All I got was a busy tone. I tried a couple of times, same result.
Post by Mojo 9 years ago !
This number calling me every day at least two to three times. They hang up when I answer. I have a silent number which they call also my mobile which I have now set to 'block caller'.Please tell me how to stop this constant harassment, I am thoroughly annoyed and fed up with it.
Post by DIANNE Vieceli 9 years ago !
They won't stop calling me. So annoying!!!!
Post by claire 9 years ago !
I have had this number call me every day for a week! once I actually picked up and it was a quiverring man who said "sorry I must have the wrong number!" and hung up straight away.This is so annoying.
Post by Deb 9 years ago !
I have been getting a call from this number daily and no message is left.I have a silent number and I screen all my calls. If they come up 'private' or a number I don't now I don't answer. If they are legit, they will leave a message, if they are telemarketers or crank calls they won't. Telecommunications needs to step in and investigate the owners of the number.
Post by Kerry Mann 9 years ago !
Calls everyday. Rang 03 8556 6100 as a above person mentioned and apparently I will be off their list in 48 hours. Fkn better be cause im over. I have blocked their number on my phone and they leave a message asking to speak to me by name. Either beck or mrs *******. Fkn idiots. 25.6.14
Post by beck 10 years ago !
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