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Phone Number: (02)9261-8836
Phone Number: 0292618836 / (02)9261-8836 / +61-(02)9261-8836
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
Owner Name: Mcdonald's Autralia Head Office
Address: 256 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone Type: Local Service
Area: Sydney
Last found: November 2005
History: 2 older records found on this number.
(02)9261-8836 Phone number Reports 20
PERTH THOMSON LAKE. Love standing at the Cafe and being ignored they don't even have the effort to put there head up and say I want be long. There were two staff in this section to.
Post by Nicole 6 years ago !
Just brought a Mcfeast Meal at McDonalds CHARNWOOD ACT , It was disgusting cold, 1/2 slice beetroot tomato was old and sodden far tooo much sauce and my bin has enjoyed it . Substandard food for what you pay ordered a hot apple pie they had none so settled for a McFlurry OMG Mcslurry it was rank so soft it was falling off the spoon with No taste. This is the second time this has happened to me so I will make a formal complaint to Sydney head office first thing tomorrow . Sorry just doesn't do it anymore. Get your act together McDonalds I am surprised that you are still in business Fast food okay Fast into the bin it goes at $12.00 cost hmm NOT HAPPY very bad and Im mad as hell over it.
Post by colleen Leth 6 years ago !
As a father watching her work at Mc Donalds a loyal worker for years it piss me off to see her used bye one your Hobart store because off her age now only getting 1 or 2 days 4 hour shifts now you use young people then tossed out like garbage veey poor needs to be addressed now , love talk to you if game as all your website are down my email is gr*******[email protected] I I wait your email or call 0409 215 082
Post by Grant hardy 7 years ago !
OTo whom it may concern.. im a young person who works in your huntly mcdonalds.. im concerned about the mannergment.. now ive been working for 16 week but i havnt been able to access my payslip.. i have asked Santana for all my hours n payslip but we been fighting ever since my ex partner left.. Santana had personal issue with dayna and now she bringing personal issue into work.. please contact me back at te****[email protected] um an if you can i would like our huntly store to be invistergated.. ps we dont have all cleaning produce an we lossing money by the minute plus our mannerges dont know how to close or shut things down..( grills vats closing system n change overs..) please help oh we dont have a health n safety book or a union person either.. our consultant dont care that our store is below 40% but all her stores in hamilton are at 110 %.. plus i cant tell wen the last mannergers meeting in huntly.. on when Simon was there.. hamilton has had five to six meeting in the last mouth when it our store who need help.. our consultant hasnt fix or grills when i informed the 2 mouths ago about it.. i dont want to die the next time i have work so we would all like to see our grill cord to fix n not tape up.. we have to mop at the back of the grill but with live cord n water is a very big hazard.. our mannerger Santana n consultant live together why is huntly at 40% but the rest of her stores 110 % .. sorry for my spelling .. thanks for the opp..
Post by Tipene retara 7 years ago !
As if your not squeezing enough money out of the Australian public, you have to change your ice cream waffles to half the size and still charge the same price, my toddler was surprised the waffles have gone so much smaller and he noticed it I didn't until I had a closer look and I realised that in fact you have cut it in half rude dishonest and sneaky and and the children's expense well done scum bags.
Post by Danny 7 years ago !
What is the matter with you people? 1. Why eat that sh*t anyway? 2. Why complain here? If you have a health or hygiene related issue contact your local council or the health department (http://www.health.gov.au/) 3. If you have dodgy food, raw, infested etc, keep it as evidence to hand over to the correct authorities, do not discard it. 4. Other issues contact McDonalds directly. See here for contact info: https://mcdonalds.com.au/about-maccas/organisation 5. McDonalds do NOT read this page. 6. WHY? That number is incorrect, the info in the panel is NOT McD. Read the result, it clearly states "Mcdonald's Autralia Head Office". The number is a joke, "Last found November 2005" and you people are actually giving personal information here. Grow up and act responsibly. Start by NEVER eating that sh*t again.
Post by Anon 7 years ago !
Hi. I am sick of getting burnt and hard fillet o fish burgers from the drive thru sepecially. i am sick of repeating myself to the asian workers who cannot understand english or pronounce it properly. i am sick of being insulted by the asian staff who talk in their own language and give filthy looks. i am just sick of the whole mcdonalds thing and the damn asians.
Post by Ronald 7 years ago !
head office needs to get the dapto store act together evey time i get mcdonalds from there they stuff up my order or i do not get what i order there a gig problem there i well never go back going to hunger jack now
Post by with held 7 years ago !
I am not sure who to contact about an employee at the Woonona N.S.W store. A Barista in the McCafe section, his name is Tom. He is an outstanding employee! He has a real artistic flair with the cake display cabinet. It always looks so clean and creativel.He has a cheerful personality. Tom makes an excellent coffee. And his customer relation skills is second to none. I feel Tom needs recognition for his hard work and the pride he takes in his job.
Post by Skye Steyn 7 years ago !
My daughter and I went to McDonald's to buy fries and coffe while waiting for me from my work last 12th of May. When I was in the counter, an Asian staff (probably Filipino) passed by and gave us a sneaky rolling eyes which the three of us caught her actions. I'm so shocked! When she came back again, I saw her again doing it and with a smirk on her face. I said to my self, what's her problems? I started making a comments about her on the girl in the counter. She must heard me then she came in the counter and pretend to asked us how she may help us when in fact she knew that we just had our orders taken. so I confronted her, she denied that she did that. Instead of apologising to us, she's arguing with me that she did not do it to us on purpose. So it is me and my daughters imagining that she did it? We went there to have some snacks, enjoying each other's company. We did not go there just to make/have a fight to one of their staff. When the managers and other staff intervene, the manager told me she's upset at the back. What? How about us, are we not upset of what she did to us? If she did not do it on purpose, what's the reason for us to react that way to her? We're not a trouble maker, we're just a customer who wants some fries and coffee. If she feels inferior or jealous of our presence there knowing that this is a mentality of some Filipinos to their countrymen, she should not brought it here in Australia. It's a shame she had that attitude while trying hard to have an accent of an Aussie. They even tried to give us the food as complimentary, I said to them that I will pay for that, if they will not allow us, then i will not take it.. We left the store without taking the food and I did not get a proper treatment from the staff. Apologise is not their WORD!
Post by Furious 7 years ago !
Sorry I forgot to put my contact details on my complain letter as im so upset about this whole situation..My son has just spewed again cause this has caused him a big major let down
Post by Renata Strnad 7 years ago !
i ate at the mcdonalds with my friend rita in melbourne, and we got fat.. how dare they not tell us maccas is fattening
Post by ren 7 years ago !
BENALLA McDonald's now dis-allows complaints on their Benalla McDonald's Face Book Page. Benalla McDonald's Drive Thru:- gets orders so wrong or meals not up to their 'own' standards, I have returned poor meals to be replaced to 'their' own standards, which they did replace. But there was a time I returned twice another time I asked for my money back, because what I took back was not to McDonald's standards and for them to replace the meal, but they gave me the same bad burger back, they did not replace it for a decent burger, like they said they would. I now check my orders in their customers Drive-Thru waiting bay before driving off. On Sunday my breakfast order was incomplete, no hash browns, drove again to their service window, they did give me the hash browns, lucky I wasn't 2 kilometers away to have breakfast at Benalla gardens. But what-about a traveler already out of town, driving down the freeway, he or she would not return to have a bad meal replaced! But from now on, I should check my order at the food service window itself, before driving off.
Post by McBad Benalla 7 years ago !
I had worst time at Lidcombe mcdonalds The service was terrible I had to wait for my meals for 15min And when I finally got it the syrup was spilling everywhere The 2 sausage egg muffins had no sausage and had to wait extra 25minutes for them to get me new one
Post by byung choi 7 years ago !
Lincraft sold me fat quarters with Mcdonalds prints. Shop assistant told me they probably had permission to sell Mcdonalds fabric because the design was very old. Go Lnicraft
Post by What the! 7 years ago !
I bought maccas for my sons birthday dinner as he loves chicken nuggets from maccas at east Maitland nsw and when we broke the chicken nugget in half it was raw not just a little raw but all the meat inside was raw he is only 1 if he had eaten them he would of been very sick or worse and all the store done was replace the order yer cause that would of helped if my son got Sick
Post by Corina 7 years ago !
i would like to formally complain about the poor handling,by laverton north management,about the poor handling of my sons (connor lindsey) wages not being processed.it is his first pay and its very disheartening.i would apppreciate some feed back.my email is sh*****[email protected] thank you for you time
Post by shaun lindsey 7 years ago !
Shame on you for the proposed mcdonalds in tecoma vic. You proport to be community concious but have no qualms about destroying a small quiet village with a 24 hour store. Your store is completely out of place with the local area and community. Your lust for profit has no thought for effects. I will not be purchasing your product evr again and their are thousands of people in tecoma that agree. Shame on you.
Post by Eric 9 years ago !
Kelso McDonald is a disgusting food over flowing out of bins. Lady toilets a absolute mess.
Post by Megan 9 years ago !
I eat breakfast at McDONALD'S everymorning and have for for about 4 years alternating between stores and Aldinga Beach has the most unreliable staff I have come across. I reckon they stuff my order 8/10 times and all I order is a sausage Mcmuffin meal with a large coke. I used to work for these jokers when I was young and they give me every excuse under the sun why the orders are wrong but end of the day they are young, don't listen and just plain [email protected]#king stupid. Get your sh*t together. I will send back every single bit of food now that is overcooked, undercooked or just doesn't even look right, I don't care how much you waste but I'm not paying for food that has not been prepared even half parsed. Just make the [email protected]#king effort c#nts.
Post by Wes Lock 9 years ago !
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