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Phone Number: (02)9252-5422
Phone Number: 0292525422 / (02)9252-5422 / +61-(02)9252-5422
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
Owner Name: Wps Financial Group
Address: Suite 4 Level 21 1 Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone Type: Local Service
Area: Sydney
Last found: October 2012
History: 6 older records found on this number.
(02)9252-5422 Phone number Reports 20
I read your comment and felt really bad for you. I was a young advisor who didn't really know what was going on. I ended up seelling a few properties on behalf of this organisation. I quit when I realised what was going on. BTW, karma bit me in the ass. soon after quitting I developed a hard addiction to cocaine and was homeless for 8mths. Since then i went to rehab and am starting life again outside the financial planning industry.
Post by karma 6 years ago !
Hello David S - I am a licensed investigator in Sydney - came across "wright patton Shakespeare" aka "wps" aka "anne street partners" - in the course of an investigation of another individual (although I believe there is a link between my guy and anne street partners" - appears a bit of a sketchy company - just wanted to correspond with people in this forum - actually came across this forum on a google and reverse search of my subject's business phone (to a different company) I can be reached via email - ar***********[email protected] - further, I can provide credentials/proof of CAPI license, etc - as I say, wanted to communicate as I may extend the investigation to include anne street partners. Thanks, all the best
Post by Dawg the Skip Hunter 6 years ago !
Hello, made a mistake and posted to an individual who made a favourable comment. Licensed investigator would like to speak to anyone and everyone about this company. (Credentials can be provided as proof of license, qualifications, etc upon request). Email: ar***********[email protected]
Post by Dawg The Skip Hunter 6 years ago !
Kerry, my expereience is similar to yours. Just a bunch of dodgy rip-off merchants masquerading as financial advisors.
Post by The Bard 6 years ago !
To Indeed. What you are saying is total rubbish.
Post by The Bard 6 years ago !
Not a chance the properties are sold for the bank valuation amount! Stop leading people on, banks value low, always have always will. They sell properties at much higher values than they are worth and that's where the profits lie.
Post by None 6 years ago !
I am an ex client of this disgraceful company. I was with WPS (now Anne Street Partners) for a little over a year. During this time I trusted my financial adviser *hidden*, who at the time I thought was great, but would later realise was ripping me off the whole time. The whole experience has been a total disaster, and their dodgy advice left me around $140,000 in debt. These people prey on and scam the regular Australian like myself. They should be reported to shows such as A Current Affair and Today Tonight to let everyone know the truth!
Post by Disgruntled ex client 8 years ago !
One of the great things about Anne Street Partners is that they will help just about anyone. If you are finding things a littile tough financially I am sure they will have the answers. Debt control, investing, risk insurance od Super they are the number one one stop shop in Australia. The management have a huge amount of experiance in all areas of financial advise and diligently train all of the staff to the highest standards. You can tell by how happy the staff are to be there. I have been a client for a number of years and have created some great bonds with my relationship managers. The best part is that whenever I have a enquiery thay always get back to me straight away or at least within 24 hours. Also their investment advice has been second to none. They showed me an investment property in Vic a few years ago, my partner and I loved it so we went ahead with the purchase. Three years down the track we have never been without rental income for one week, its great. They also manage the rental through Soda and it has not only been cost effective but also very proffestional. Looking at this site it seems not everyone has had the positive experiance I have had but we have to remember that Anne Street is a huge company with thousands of clients and hundreds of staff. You cant keep everyone happy all of the time but all I can say is they have been great to me. Thanks
Post by Really happy 8 years ago !
I was initially involved with WPS over 3 yrs ago when I sought advice to buy a property. I have had this property on the market for 2 years now in Kurri Kurri and still cannot sell it!! Ive lowered the price almost 40k below what I paid for it!! I soon realised earlier on that these guys are nothing but a bunch of self indulged cowboys charging $5000 upfront for dodgy advice. Im a genuine 'duped' ex customer not an employee and will fight to the endth degree to steer people away from this bunch of thieves.
Post by c2Galluch 8 years ago !
Was called by this company recently.All these good comments, not sure why a client would be on this website if they were happy, obviously staff writing them.
Post by Unsure 8 years ago !
I had the misfortune of getting involved with WPS (now Anne Street Partners) some years ago. It's been a total disaster, and their dodgy advice left me around $200,000 in debt (and close to bankruptcy. Steer well clear of this company, and seek financial advice from a more reputable company.
Post by The Bard 8 years ago !
I was wise enough to cut the ties with WPS early enough not to make poor investment decisions. The company was aggressive in promoting the purchase of investment properties. I decided not to continue investing through WPS after l was advised to change my home loan and life insurance providers. Both changes would offer no advantage to me but would enable WPS to gain new commissions. It comes as no surprise to read the negative reviews. I sympathise with those of you whom have negative returns on your poorly advised investment decisions and only hope you can recoupe some of your losses. I hope the power of social media prevents these profiteers from continuing the practice of financial mismanagement under their changing names.
Post by Ex WPS Customer 8 years ago !
*hidden* was Craig Gores right hand man and was also the Managing Director of Atkinson Gore Group. He was involved directly in the running of the group that he now heads up. Anne Street Partners are nothing but Australias largest property marketeering company with all of the same people at the helm.
Post by ex staff 8 years ago !
I was an employee of this criminal company. They hire young males who have just come out of high school or uni and have very little technical financial planning knowledge. The recruits are then basically brainwashed into aggressive property sales. This company is a property developer masquarading as a financial planning business. Once they find out you have equity in your home, you will be advised to purchase one of their off the plan investment properties which are always over valued. I worked for this company for a couple of years and there was basically no instance where a client had experienced any capital growth in their property investment. You will be duped into buying an over valued investment property. Stay away from this company!!!
Post by ex staff 9 years ago !
Craig Gore is the former owner/director and now has nothing to do with the company since it was bought out 3 years ago. Craig Gore still owes the company over $200million. Some of the current executives are *hidden*, *hidden*, *hidden*, *hidden*, Shane Stone. Google them. Anne Street Partners has a certain clientele that they try to help and generally speaking it is not a service that appeals to the "everyday" australian. It is aimed at helping people build their wealth through different investments, providing them with insurance, getting them on a better mortgage structure/refinance, reviewing superannuation, consolidating debts. In regards to the insurance/finance commission claims, the company is paid by the banks and insurance companies to suggest their products and it doesnt really vary from each company so there would be no reason why they would suggest one over the other. It is the same as any other insurance company you will deal with. With the investment property side of things, if they are on the plan properties when they are sold to the client, they are valued by the bank and that is what they are sold for. When it comes to tenants moving in a year later, the valuation could have come down and that is never good for the client. Financial planners and property investors always try to avoid this but its not always possible. If you are thinking of sitting a consultation, I would suggest discussing any issues that you might have with the person that you speak to, or ask to speak to one of the senior advisors. Financial planning is an industry based on advice and that is always going to be subjective and there is never a right or wrong decision so there will always people who are not satisfied or uncertain about the advice. To the ex employee who is ranting - you clearly didn’t have the people skills to stick out the ACM program, it is aimed to teach its employees to be able to relate to clients needs and objectives so that when they become an advisor they are able to address their clients issues. All I would suggest for clients/people to do their research to make sure it is the right service for their needs.
Post by No Name 9 years ago !
Im a single mother and they hav turned my life around post devorce. Really good!!!
Post by Dani79 9 years ago !
Wps (now anne street partners). I have been dealing with this company for the last 5years. They have sweet talked me into deals they should not even offer. They (the company's financial advisors) look at how to restructure your loans, and they look at anything they can earn a commission from. I have redrawn a huge chunk of my mortgage out now. They did not advise me i was paying more than double my mortgage repayments for the last 3 yrs, whilst they were looking after my investments. And they have requested me to make a new top up loan to fix my financial mess. Now they wont answer my emails and phone calls. What an awful company!!!! All WPS/Anne street partners want is more commissions/more new loans. This company will not look at your benefit, and will max out your potential borrowings In the last 5 years, i see a different financial advisor because they all quit and a new one starts, and i have to explain my financial situation again. Not worth the trouble even if wps will offer to come to ur home/house for consultation And now they wont answer my phone calls or email. I hope management see this email because I have told everyone i know how despicable this company is. (and i will keep on telling people)
Post by Leila 9 years ago !
I have signed with WPS - now Anne Street Partners I have found them fantastic - we now get the BEST tax returns I could ever have imagined, due to the invetments they advised. Our home loan is almost paid off in full after four years with them (only got the place 6 years ago).. I would and DO recommend them to anyone I know
Post by Jeremy 9 years ago !
Beware of Anne Street Partners!!! They are dodgy, rip offs who sell highly inflated investment properties. Led by *hidden*, *hidden*, Alex Bernstein, these are some of the worst indivduals you will ever meet. If anyone else has any bad dealings you must report to ASIC to get these low lifes stopped.
Post by Ian 9 years ago !
they are dodgy - they only want client that have the finance to buy a investment, which they buy from their partner company - they will over charge you around $80K per property trust me i am a pass employee - i was suck in at 21 yr with there ACM (call center program) and left when i got my free diploma they have now change there name to anne street partners
Post by bob the builder 9 years ago !
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