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Phone Number: (02)9037-2804
Phone Number: 0290372804 / (02)9037-2804 / +61-(02)9037-2804
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
(02)9037-2804 Phone number Reports 100
This is likely a telemarketer named 24/7, as when called back on whocalld it was same as 2 of the numbers below. This number has been calling me non stop over 2 weeks (July 2015), also following numbers, one is ANZ Bank, 2 are 24/7, selling insurance/financial products.: 02 89991299 02 90081136 02 80147673 08 63654320 02 82822814 You can register on Australian Government 'Do Not Call Register' at donotcall.gov.au
Call type:Unknown
Post by Cath 6 years ago !
Had a call from this number earlier and they hung up. Will be blocking this number.
Post by Riza 7 years ago !
Been getting calls off this number for the last six months, blocked theyre number and still see theyre attempting to call on my phone log lol. Ive just seen that theres the australian communications and media (which is a government page) that apparently stops phone calls like these for the next 8 years. Ill be registering with them and seeing how that goes, hopefully they dont publish my number on the australian herald front page
Post by Rjay 7 years ago !
Long history of harassment by this company.....about time something was done. My number is on a tablet and for data only......Who knows how they got it?Random maybe....
Post by R J Mitchell 7 years ago !
A caller from this number calls serval times a day. When I pick up, they hang up!Getting to the point where I'm going to buy a sports whistle and blow it down the line next time they call.
Post by Tracy O'Hearn 7 years ago !
Please stop calling me!! My number is a private number. Where did they get my number from?
Post by Kay 7 years ago !
I called the number back. The first time they hung up as soon as it connected with an opperator. The company is called 24/7. I called again and spoke to "Mike" who said that he would remove our number.
Post by Ildi 7 years ago !
I am getting at least four calls daily, sometimes more, from this number. They call my work mobile. They have been informed not to call but ignore any contact of this type. I have now blocked them on my phone to see if that makes a difference.
Post by Russell 7 years ago !
I have asked this place to stop calling but they don't. I have told them I am listed on the DONOT CALL REGISTER but it seems to have no affect... Please stop these people...
Post by NOEL RUSSELL 7 years ago !
can you PLEASE STOP CALLING...IM NOT INTERESTED...your disturbing...including this following #: 02 09372804, 80697935, 90371462
Post by Ann 7 years ago !
Very over this now, 3-8 times per day for the past 3 WEEKS! I have told them I am not interested numerous times, and one time I had just hung up saying that I was not interested and 30 seconds later they called me back up, I lost my cool that time. I really am over it. It is now verging on the point of harassment for me. It should be ILLEGAL for company's to ring the same number more that 3 times per day.
Post by Jessica 7 years ago !
telemarketers? from 24/7 ?..calling and calling over the last few months despite being told i am not interested and not to call again.2 calls from that number again today.
Post by Katrina 7 years ago !
This phone number keep ringing me in last few day.It is so annoying .
Post by Suw 7 years ago !
Got a ohone call today silent on the end. Tried rining back no answer. Very annoying. Caller blocked
Post by Gee 7 years ago !
As from 09/06/2014 till 12/06/2014, I received four phone calls from this number. When I answered, the call was disconnected each time. Today, 13/06/2014, I was lucky that I answered and a person spoke to me, trying to sell me insurance. I asked them "Where did you get this number from?", they said "I'm not trying to sell you anything, but are you interested in life insurance?". I asked again where they got my number from, and the person on the other end disconnected the call. Question: Is our privacy actually private, or are they selling us like chicken nuggets?
Post by Kay 7 years ago !
I am on the do not call register, yet this number is constantly calling me.I have not authorized this company to contact me!
Post by Patricia 7 years ago !
This number has been calling excessively(SO ANNOYING)!!!!
Post by Gabby 7 years ago !
they keep ringing and hanging up..what a pain in the butt,
Post by carmel 7 years ago !
Phone number rings multiple times a day and hangs up
Post by Simon 7 years ago !
called multiple times. extremely annoying. Was in training session and had phone constantly vibrating
Post by Deb Felton 7 years ago !
Keep calling - I have now blocked the number. I don't want their insurance.
Post by Derek 7 years ago !
Stop ringing me. How dare my details be sold to any company. My phone is a private number too
Post by Amanda 7 years ago !
They are constantly calling me and never leave a message and when I do pick up, they then hang up. This is very annoying and I want them to stop.
Post by Leeanne Evans 7 years ago !
Regular calls from this number. They just hang up although when someone was there they tried selling me insurance
Post by Danilo 7 years ago !
Wow its amazing to see how many complaints on here about this number they are driving me insane!!! how many complaints have to be made before this number stops calling
Post by kylie 7 years ago !
3-4 calls for the past 3 days. I have not answered any of these calls, surely if someone is not answering your calls it is because they do not wish to speak with you...
Post by Melissa 7 years ago !
I have had at least 3-4 calls from this number every day for the past month. It seems to be for life or funeral insurance.I don't even know where they got my number from.Im sick of the phone calls.
Post by claire 7 years ago !
I have received a number of calls from this number in the past as well and had asked for my number to be removed from their calling list. I answered a call from them today but they hung up so I phoned them back. The woman said they were called 24/7 and the call was in regards to insurance line, a courtesy call. I asked for my number to be removed from their calling list, and the woman apologised for it not having being removed previously when I had asked. Hopefully no more calls from these annoying people!!
Post by Melissa 7 years ago !
Calling every day - now blocked - fingers crossed
Post by Troy 7 years ago !
This number I got sick of calling me, so I answered and they said they were calling from a company called "24/7" Ive asked them not to call again.. In fact quite rude to them...
Post by Amanda Lee 7 years ago !
constant missed calls and when I do answer male voice asks for me by name and then hangs up.
Post by William Davis 7 years ago !
Has called atleast once a day for the past week and a half. I'm only 18 I don't need life insurance!!!!!!
Post by Katie 8 years ago !
Had 2 calls on 02/04/14.
Post by kit 8 years ago !
These guys do not stop... I told him I don't want any insurance and I don't want him to call me EVER, AGAIN, but they keep calling back. Really frustrating!!!
Post by Mehra 8 years ago !
same as all the other ppl
Post by shamus 8 years ago !
Same complaint. This number rings me 2 -3 times a day. When i get fed up and want to give them a mouthful there is no one there to abuse. Sick to death of them. Like everyone else -what is the point of them calling non stop when they have no intention of actually saying anything??
Post by Holly 8 years ago !
stop calling me I am a shift worker and don't have time for sny unnecessary phone calls. Have be ringing 3 to 4 times a day for the last few weeks.
Post by Jan 8 years ago !
They ring me multiple times a day and leave no message, I don't want insurance, go away.
Post by Josh Nixon 8 years ago !
This phone number rings me at least a minimum 3 times a day. I have also rang them back and yet they still keep ringing me. I answered the call today and they hung up - I am so over it.
Post by Mel 8 years ago !
keeps calling my mobile number.Tried calling back, had some indian guy pick up said something then hanged up
Post by Ly dang 8 years ago !
I received a call from this number and the gentleman was trying to sell a life insurance from Virgin Money, when I told him I was not interested, he just hung up. What a rude customer service this company has, I hope something can be done about this.
Post by James 8 years ago !
Constantly getting calls from 02 90372804 selling insurance. I have asked them to take me off their list but they still call, sometimes several times a day and sometimes they hang up. Extremely annoying and they need to be stopped.
Post by Jo-anne Murphy 8 years ago !
This number keeps calling me and it is really annoying.When I pick up it is silent. So I called back and it won't connect to anyone. Called TPG to block this number, I was told they can't. After talking to 3 staff about the same thing, since they transfer someone and another transfer...I can't even claim the complaint since they require exact time and day of calls and I don't have it.,deleted my log to make storage space yesterday.I was told to report it to police but I'm wondering if they can help :(
Post by Brenda 8 years ago !
I have told the caller repeated times to put me on the 'no call back register'. This was NOT done.
Post by Nick Lee 8 years ago !
Have blocked this number on my phone
Post by Shane 8 years ago !
This number keeps calling my mobile and hanging up
Post by Natalie 8 years ago !
Have REPEATEDLY told this company, 24/7 that I am NOT interested in buying insurance through them, yet they continue to call again & again, sometimes more than once a day! Harassing people isn't going to get you business and neither is getting staff to tag team a person by calling every few hours! STOP CALLING ME!!
Post by Kristen 8 years ago !
I am constantly receiving multiple calls a day from this number. When I answer the call ends. No message is ever left If I don't answer. This is ridiculous!
Post by Casey 8 years ago !
Ring twice a day for last 2-3 weeks.When u get telemarketers ring save them to your contacts as telem do not answer, I have over 25 saved, it saves me answering & having to talk to these persistent scum bags that have no respect for u & can't take no for an answer, y would I buy from these sort of people or companies that run their businesses like this.Should be made illegal to do business like this.
Post by Grant 8 years ago !
Constantly getting a missed call from this number daily! Very frustrating. When you do answer they hang up. Sick of the calls!!!
Post by Rebekah 8 years ago !
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