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Phone Number: (02)9011-6015
Phone Number: 0290116015 / (02)9011-6015 / +61-(02)9011-6015
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
Owner Name: Kean, M
Address: 30-34 Churchill Ave, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia
Phone Type: Local Service
Area: Sydney
Last found: July 2009
History: 1 older records found on this number.
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Hi Helen, Did you have any luck with reporting this group? I get regular calls from them, about 2 or 3 a week. I always ask them to remove me from their call list. What else can I do? Thanks, Karina
Post by Karina, Adelaide 6 years ago !
I had a call from the what I thought was the Richmond Group or something (hard to understand the accent). I got sucked in to booking someone to come out and help me reduce my tax!!! It sounded legit and I was curious to see what they'd offer. I Googled Richmond Group and came to a website similar to this which got me worried. So on the day of the booking when the guy turns up I first asked if he was from Richmond Group which confused him. This guy was from Optima (Wealth Solutions) which seems to be a legit Aussie company (with a website) but they use Indian call centres to get contacts. Optima are basically selling property investment. I told him his company needs to look at their marketing methods and he was very apologetic. I still turned him away because I'm an accountant and work for a Stockbroker and I'm not interested in property investment. He was very understanding.
Post by Paul, Melbourne 6 years ago !
My personal advice (from unhappy experiences) is to have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Optima Wealth Group business. Wealth management is for them (they are building their own wealth) - they are not interested in building wealth for their clients.
Post by Unhappy former client - Suz 7 years ago !
Optima Wealth management - We help our clients 'make smart decisions'. Optima were our accountants and financial planners for more than ten years during which time we took every word of advice on tax, superannuation, insurances and investments. After losses of more than $250k in primary industry investments - most of which turned into ashes within 2 years of starting - we had an independent review which identified that we had been transferred into a series of high commission, high fee, and as it turns out, disastrously high risk platforms. It has been devastating. Nice people to deal with though.
Post by Optima Customer 7 years ago !
Got the same sh*t called few months back took some info about work life house value combined income said workers were in the area would only take 15 mins to show me better way to manage tax super and finances. Said was based in Adelaide ingle farm 10 joslin st 5098 got details from white pages. When I told him it was harrassment I was tracing calls data to take to feds he quickly said would delete all my details and never hear from them again. End of call beep beep beep AK47 should fix the problem yeah..?
Post by scott 7 years ago !
I just had the same call from the Indian Woman from the Australian Information Research Centre. When I asked her where the centre was based and who funded it she just started asking questions about my employment. I asked her if the centre was government funded and she said they gave information to the government, I asked which government and she hung up. It looks as though they are being pretty persistent with getting this information if it's been going on for a couple of years. I suggest we all get the information out through social media - facebook etc so that our mates don't fall for any scams.
Post by MaggieG 7 years ago !
I have had calls from these people numerous times to the point I reported them and placed our no. on Do Not Call Register. They just called again, introducing themselves a little differently from usual; this time I said hold whilst I look you up online, meanwhile they hung up. I then found this site!!! Inbelievable, how can they still call when we are on the register???
Post by Angie 7 years ago !
Same deal as above. I thought they were a govt body, they had quite a bit on info on us. I got sucked into booking someone and managed to cancel when they called to confirm the appointment, but they rang several times after that. If it were possible to find out who was behind it or who Optima (mentioned above) contacted to get it to happen I would be happy to make a formal complaint to the Ombudsman.
Post by Lisman 7 years ago !
Hmmm seems to me that it's always a problem when the telemarketer isn't upfront with the right info, but if we are dealing with minimising tax by property investment then that's a legitimate opportunity which many people are currently doing since the deregulation of the banks and you can now get better deals by shopping around on your mortgage, it's a new concept in australia one many Aussies who want to own their homes sooner and retire earlier are now using. The hard part is who legit and who's not... There are a few companies who advertise on free to air TV and cable, and telemarketing for clients is of course a very easy direct way to get the message across. It doesn't matter who the caller is people just are suspicious of telesales calls full stop. I think the biggest problem is when the caller can hardly say their own name in English we are get a bit jumpy. I think Aussie companies should use Aussie workers to make their telesales calls but the hourly rates are 3 times so they outsource...as after all everyone wants to earn a living so if we have to get telesales calls then let's get them from an Aussie who has rent or mortgage and bills to pay too. I'm not as unhappy with that...oh and the DNC register works great if the phone number you have has never ever been listed, which since all phone numbers have been reused over and over, they may have old data. Or god forbid you have ever entered into a competition or registered your interest in anything, and not checked the small print then your back on the list.....save us all from foreign workers, and try not to be too cross with Aussies trying to keep a roof over their heads.
Post by Jackie 8 years ago !
Yes the company they are employed by seems to be a legitimate Australian company that should probably be accountable to some government authority who monitors the laws regarding telemarketing. Seems there are a few cracks in the system because we are continuosly recieving cold calls from telemarketers even though we are on the do not call register. Why have it if it doesn't work,??
Post by Nancy 8 years ago !
They are still at it... I have had them call several times.. they repeat the same questions. I actually find it amusing especially when I ask them for the companies contact number and they continually quote my home number..lmao. Total scam.
Post by Nudger 8 years ago !
They are still at it. They rang and seemed to be clever enough to say that they were seeking information for Bureau of Census and Stats. Sort of willingly gave them base info. A few weeks later they then tried to eleicit more info. Asked their company name and they said they were registered in South Melbourne. It did not google up, so told them to b..gger off. They still persist. Have got rather firm now after 5 more calls. All to reduce our tax. Told them that they are liers and cheats, but they still persist. Time to call in the dogs, but which dogs and from which kennels?
Post by Rick from Adelaide 8 years ago !
The best thing to do with these people is to tell them a load of lies, I told them I was an Astronaught and so was my non nexistent wife. If they want to arrange appointment,do it, invite then around, find out who they are from (get a card), tell them to f*** off face to face and report the company on the card to the ombudsman. If everyone did this we would soon have them beat.
Post by Lindsay 8 years ago !
Our home has received 2 calls from this "Australian Information Research Group", asking for highly inappropriate personal details such as income, occupation, value of home. Unfortunately the first call was taken by my teenage son, who divulged some information, much to my alarm. The second call was taken the day after by myself, when I asked for the Indian callers name "Anne" and her ID number, which she said was 8118. When I pressed her for further information about herself and her company, reminding her we were on the Do Not Call register, she hung up. Does anybody have any idea where a more official complaint can be lodged so that these scammers can be tracked down?
Post by Sue, Adelaide 8 years ago !
Yes, the Aust Info. Research Group rang us stating a lot of personal info about our combined income, how much our property is worth, how much taxation we must be spending. Offering free advice in repayment for us having completed a survey for them earlier in the year. They want to send a taxation minimisation advisor around but I wont confirm our address. Said I'd let them know tomorrow if I want them to come around. After seeing all the above posts I've decided to tell them to scoot.
Post by Stephen Malin 8 years ago !
Received the same call asking for details of whether I worked. Told the caller I had never heard of the org and was not prepared to give personal info out. I then googled the name and found these complaints here
Post by Adelaide 8 years ago !
I too had a call from the Australian Information Research Group. I got sucked in to booking someone to come out and help me reduce my tax!!! It sounded legit they already had my details. I Googled AIRG and came to this website which got me worried. I tried to call back to cancel but had no luck. So on the day of the booking I was ready to confront the guy and tell him to bugger off. I first asked if he was from AIRG which confused him. This guy was from Optima(wealth solutions) which seems to be a legit Aussie company but they use Indian call centres to get contacts. But I still turned him away until I can get more info. Which he was very understanding and happy to do when I explained how he got my booking. At least this mob have a web site and contact details. Has anyone dealt with Optima?
Post by Kelmscott WA 8 years ago !
Just had a call from a guy who said he is from the Australian Research Group Institute or some such nonsense. Obviously Indian and not very clever. After some time listening to his blurb, I asked him for his website URL which conveniently he could not provide. Gave him his 15 minutes of fame and politely told him to bugger off. Then I get another call from the same place this time by a woman, again Indian and she could not speak or understand English. Had some fun with her until it got boring and told her to bugger off as well. Isn't anyone doing anything about these scammers. Love to visit them with a baseball bat.
Post by Brad 8 years ago !
I have just had a call from this group. Whilst talking to them - I asked a series of Qs who they are, where they are located ,who is using the information, which government Department they are working for. All anwers were useless. I then went to the internet and searched google for " Australian Information Research Group" and nothing appears. I said to the female caller with an indian accent, that the group doesnt exist. SHe then put me on to her male supervisor. They were wanting to know - " household information about who works, income, home ownership and interest rate effects. I didnt provide any information but said " thanks for the call, as you are not a registered organisation and you cannot tell me where you are located - I am not interested in anwering. I then hung up. I fear for the people they call that are not educated enough to question the callers.they probably confuse oldies and gather the information for all the wrong purposes. Hmm - A database is probably being created wih too much personal information - for use - by unknown people for all the wrong reasons. I am in Adelaide. If anyone else is interested in making a formal complaint about this call and group I would be interested. H
Post by Helen, Adelaide 9 years ago !
I am from Adelaide, South Australia. I got a call from some Indian girl, she claimed to be calling from Australian Information Research Group...straight away I asked her if she was calling from Australia or India, she said India but that she was working for an Australian company. She wanted to know my private details whether I worked f/t or p/t etc and apparently her supervisor would give me some tax saving advice even though she told me that she was not trying to sell me anything. I asked her where she got my number from and who gave her permission to call me seeing that we are on the 'DO NOT CALL REGISTER'. She simply replied from the White Pages! I told her I was going to get my son to look up their company information online to see if she was from legitimate organisation or someone just trying to solicit my private information illegally, at this point the caller panicked and she told me that if I was not interested that it was okay, and she hung up! My advice is - DO NOT give out your private information to anyone as they could be potential thiefs trying to figure out when you are at work and rob your place in your absence or someone trying to steal your identity.
Post by D 9 years ago !
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