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Phone Number: (02)8310-4944
Phone Number: 0283104944 / (02)8310-4944 / +61-(02)8310-4944
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
(02)8310-4944 Phone number Reports 66
I too have been experiencing the caller that hangs up when you answer, or if I say nothing when I answer they say hello (middle-eastern accent). It started off happening from private caller then 03 and 08 prefixes and now mobile phone numbers. It seems this must be some sort of syndicate but for what purpose? The calls must be costing a fortune, so what's in it for them?? Everyone has said that they as I did call the number back...the phone companies are obviously profiting but who else..? Latest number that called me was 0414 903 467. Ideas??
Call type:Prank Call
Post by Tree 6 years ago !
Today I got the first call from this number. However at least once a day for the last 4+ weeks I've been getting nuisance calls from 0755123276, another telemarketing number. Looks like I'm going to start getting 2 calls a day now, one from each number. How do these people get hold of our mobile numbers???The calls aren't prank calls but auto dialers, machines that will dial your number and if you don't answer after 3 rings (yes only 3 rings) it disconnects. If you do answer you go through to a person who then harasses you.
Post by Daniel 7 years ago !
I got a call from this number today asking me if I have a funeral plan. I have received many calls like this recently and I've had enough. Immediately I told the person on the other side (female, thick accent, I think indian?) that I am not interested. Next I asked how she got my number and she hung up. I called back and it says the number has been disconnected. I don't give strangers my mobile number often so I am guessing these indian scammers probably got my number from TPG or Optus outsourced call centres because I have had accounts with them in the past. Each time I block them, I get similar calls from different numbers. How frustrating!
Post by pixie 7 years ago !
2 x phone calls - no message - called the number back and it asks you to leave a message.
Post by mike 7 years ago !
I received the call from this number today, and asking me about health problems etc. I asked them to remove my number from their list.I don't know where they got my number from. Really annoying.
Post by Tommy 7 years ago !
This number called my mobile 3 times today at 3.16, 4pm and 4.15pm - I tried calling back and it was an engaged tone.
Post by Pando 7 years ago !
I get calls on my work number 2-3 times a week, even though it is on the Do Not Call Register. I don't bother to pick it up any more and have even informed the switchboard here to block it. Seems they have multiple numbers - Do not give any information to ISelect - they keep harassing me!
Post by Nyree 7 years ago !
received calls from this number and when you call back it was a disconnected number. also previously received many calls (auto-dial) from 07 5512 3276, were able to talk once they sale life insurance. I believe they are the same company or from same scam person stealing mobile numbers.
Post by Sandy 7 years ago !
Calls, waits for me to speak and then hangs up. When I call back, there is only a voicemail on the other side.
Post by Petrozzi 7 years ago !
Telemarketers keep calling me on this number
Post by Adam D 7 years ago !
over it! usually funeral insurance which I say every time take me off I am too young to think of funeral insurance. now they ring today and they are calling from Choosewell health insurance in Melb. had an argument and he persisted to talk and say I was misunderstood. will answer the 'call back' I refused to be registered for- talking just like them. I will repeat word for word. that should be annoying enough right?
Post by Candi 7 years ago !
this number has called me over 10 times within the past month at ridiculous times of the day and night. im only 16 and i have been getting very scared and creeped out by it as every time i answer, they hang up on me without saying anything. i searched the number up online and it is OTPL trying to sell me things but they call so many other people apparently and are very rude and harass them. im so angry and this company needs to be stopped immediately because it is making alot of people very angry and as i said, im only young and this is not the type of calls i want to be getting. they have also called me off 2 other numbers which i will also report: 03 9001 8627 and 02 8069 7935
Post by Chloe 7 years ago !
It rang and I heard the message "You've been kicked out of this conference"! Then it went engaged. Would love to know what this is all about.
Post by Jean Michel 7 years ago !
keep ringing, even after I have put my name on the no not call register
Post by lizz6 7 years ago !
I keep getting calls from this number. As soon as I answer, they hang up. When I try to call back the number (to tell them off for hanging up in my ear), it says the number called is not connected.
Post by Lisa 7 years ago !
This number keeps ringing me, I have told them several times that I am not interested, and they still keep ringing. Getting very sick of them ringing me. It can be at work or at night.
Post by Michelle 7 years ago !
I have got calls from this number and many other call centres. I have made a blocked contact in my phone in which I add all telemarketers numbers to. I get an SMS for a missed call from them but no actual call. Eventually they stop
Post by Charlotte 7 years ago !
I have received numerous calls from this number apparently referring me to a Sydney based funeral insurance company.The caller has a heavy accent and is difficult to understand.How do I stop these annoying calls????
Post by Russ 7 years ago !
don't hang up when they call, they just keep talking and eventually hang up leaving you alone
Post by bob dobilino 7 years ago !
I was experienced twice a day for that number.it will ring and when I hang up my phone no one can answer
Post by anonymous 7 years ago !
I keep getting these calls too. I have registered my number with the Government 'Do Not Call' website, don't know how effective it will be, but worth a shot. This is a government scheme that makes it illegal for telemarketers to contact you. https://www.donotcall.gov.au/
Post by Graeme 7 years ago !
I continuesly receive phone call from this number at work and as soon as I ask Why are you calling the government department to sell a Funeral Plan? They just put the phone down. I was going to ask them to take my number of their lists but they already hang up. They seems to know when I am having my lunch or break as well...Very annoying
Post by Neo 8 years ago !
They have been calling me asking for Kate Allen? They then try to sell me funeral insurance. When I tell them to leave me alone they say sorry and then call back the next day. Very annoying
Post by Jane 8 years ago !
I get calls from this number 02 8310 494 all the time and when I answer no one is there. Who is calling? Can this pest be banned?
Post by Anon 8 years ago !
I have been receiving calls from this number over the last few months and regularly on a twice daily basis. Have left messages for them not to call and still I get two and three calls a day. This is very annoying as they do not leave a message. Back off I say!!
Post by Wendy 8 years ago !
They keep constantly calling me!!! But when i call back its disconnected.I had a call from a similar number a few days ago and they were selling funeral insurance and I hung up on them.I am not too sure if this is linked, but i wouldnt be surprised if it is!!
Post by Chantelle 8 years ago !
I received this call on my mobile phone on 11 February. Luck i did not answer this call and when I search online its a prank call. I tried calling them from landline but message coming back, please check the number before calling.
Post by ROSIE SINGH 8 years ago !
i don't how these people got my ph # but they are getting annoying, when i return the call it tells me that the # is disconnected.
Post by asi 8 years ago !
Asked so many times to stop calling me and they still do. Seems like my request to remove myself from "do not register call list "constantly getting ignored. Who can help me with
Post by Kristina 8 years ago !
I have asked them and asked them and asked them and asked them and asked them... to stop calling. Their number is now listed on my phone so I don't even pick up anymore... but the problem is that the phone still rings... these people are PESTS!
Post by John Lamerand 8 years ago !
Just started getting calls from this number. They hang up as soon as I ask what the company/organisation is.
Post by Tom 8 years ago !
Had a call from this number this morning.
Post by Kit 8 years ago !
continuing to receive calls in spite of them being told not to call I am a pensioner and really dont need to be pestered constantly regarding insurance.
Post by Irene Holmes 8 years ago !
Missed 3 calls from this number. Called back and "Optus has advised this number has disconnected". HOW ANNOYING!!!
Post by B.I 8 years ago !
this company also harassess me many times a week.i understand talking to them / answering the calls makes no difference. it would be good if they just went away. blocking the number doesn't help as they just call back next week on a different number grr
Post by Janine 8 years ago !
I believe these people are selling a funeral insurance product. I have received daily calls from them for ages and I have requested to be removed from their database repeatedly. They try to verify your name and address but I refuse to do so. They have been abusive many times when I insist I'm not interested. I suggest you program this number in your phone as "Funeral Spammer" so you know it's them and can get rid of them quicker
Post by Michelle 8 years ago !
I've received 2 telemarketing calls from this number
Post by Lenina 8 years ago !
when I answer, they hang up.... as soon as contact is made... eg. answering the phone, can they access my Information somehow to use my credit? does anyone know?.
Post by Paul 8 years ago !
Ok so you wanna know what I do... The minute they answer the phone I ask... "Ok so who are you, who do you represent and what are you trying to sell me...." Make it sound forceful they tend to hang up. Why? I hear you ask... Because they just plain dont want to identify themselves... The above number is a diverted number so makes it much harder to stop, because if that number gets blocked they will just get another one to divert through so in essense I say dont put up with it, dish it back gto them. I am sure if we all do it often enough they just might give up. Although this is doubtful. I am proactive on changing this dilemma which doesnt stop at the harassing calls... more to follow as I work to make our lives easier.
Post by J.Farley 8 years ago !
Called today and asked for someone else then hung up. Spam.
Post by Mick 8 years ago !
this number has been ringing my home and now my mobile, at least 4 or 5 times a day for months now,realy i think its a waste of time complaining as no-one seems to do anything about it to stop it and letting them get away with it...
Post by billy c 8 years ago !
continually receive call from 0283104944 or similar numbers and when you answer no one there or when your ring back as missed call is disconnected. Obviously the telecommunications authorities don't give a damn or they would find a way to stop these cranks. And yes, I do block them but they seem to get through on a very similar number again, and again, etc.
Post by Jan 8 years ago !
just received that calls from this munber, i picked up and said halo, they hang up!!
Post by mary 8 years ago !
Received prank call from the above numberon 04/02/1014.
Post by Kit 9 years ago !
We have been getting prank/blank calls from the above number
Post by sangita 9 years ago !
I am on the do not call register and they keep calling me!!!
Post by Ema 9 years ago !
I keep getting phone calls off this number neally every day it's starting to annoying , I pick up and they hang up straight away
Post by Kyle phillips 9 years ago !
I had a missed call from this number so I decided to call them back. It told me that the number has been disconnected. How can someone call from a number which is disconnected? And how are consumers supposed to make a fair complaint against the company when we are unable to track them down.I think consumers are getting a bum deal, companies are able to contact us non-stop but we can't contact them to ask them to STOP!
Post by Lila 9 years ago !
Called 20x in one week. Made 5 calls a day for 4 days straight told them to put me in the do not call last which they said Ok them they stayed calling again today another 5 calls.
Post by annouyed person 9 years ago !
Calls every day from this number
Post by Hayley Risol 9 years ago !
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