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Phone Number: (02)8069-7935
Phone Number: 0280697935 / (02)8069-7935 / +61-(02)8069-7935
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
(02)8069-7935 Phone number Reports 139
Keeps calling at all hours, leaves no message and hangs up if you answer
Post by Mel Kent 7 years ago !
I keep receiving phone calls from this number numerous times a day and do not want this to be the case.
Post by Anonymous 7 years ago !
I have told this number to take me off the system after receiving numerous calls about their company and what they offer as a free quote. I am sick and tired of listening to what they want to set me up to a free quote on their services. I do not plan to go into this company and I would like this to stop. This is an annoyance to me as well as others around me.
Post by Lionel 7 years ago !
Calls everyday despite me never answering
Post by Paige 7 years ago !
We are being harassed by this number repeatedly calling us and hanging up.
Post by James Perry 7 years ago !
Very annoying with this number! Rang too many times during these two months and when I picked up the other end just hang up or just try to sell the insurance or something! Please block this number!
Post by Amy 7 years ago !
Calling my mobile everyday and hanging up. Very annoying.
Post by Bex Taylor 7 years ago !
2 calls a day to my mobile, despite never answering any of them. Doesn't leave a message.
Post by Amanda 7 years ago !
We continue to receive a call from this number at 11am every day, and sometimes at 5am in the morning. It has been happening for over a week and when we answer there is no one on the other end.
Post by Alexander Howes 7 years ago !
I told them no I'm not interested and they call me almost daily
Post by Rachel Tiakanas 7 years ago !
Keeps calling several times a day and night after advising them I was not interested.
Post by Nick 7 years ago !
have any of you been charged on your credit by WesternUnion 1800173833 as well as getting these calls? are the 2 related?
Post by unknown 7 years ago !
Continuous and repeated telemarketing calls.
Post by Andrew Perelson 7 years ago !
I haven't even had my phone for more than 3 months and I have been receiving call after call.
Post by Katrina 7 years ago !
I keep getting numerous calls from this number. I call back and instantly get an automated message asking to me to kindly hold the line.
Post by J Thomson 7 years ago !
OTPL funeral insurance - They are a telemarketing company....wont take no for an answer and keeps ringing me please stop him
Post by christine mangano 7 years ago !
02 8069 7935 keeps calling me on my mobile for the past fortnight. I have explained numerous times that I'm not interested, nor can I afford to pay funeral insurance. I have also asked them to removed my mobile number from their lists. I blocked the number on my mobile, which seemed to stop that number calling but now Im receiving the same funeral insurance calls from 02 8014 2179. I have also blocked this number but Im feeling they will keep trying from other "80" numbers. How many times will I have to block each number before they get the message that I am not interested & that I am NOT going to to say enter into one of their plans!? it is now harassment! I have registered my mobile on the "Do not call register" in the hope that will stop them.
Post by Kim 7 years ago !
Sorry, my previous complaint was meant for this number but I've also been called on 02 8069 7934 as well.
Post by Penelope 7 years ago !
This number continually calls many times a day, they are trying to sell life insurance. If I don't answer they won't leave a voicemail message, they just keep calling. So annoying!!
Post by Megan 7 years ago !
Keep receiving a call regarding income protection insurance
Post by David Wang 7 years ago !
getting several calls a day! when i answer they hang up straight away! told me they were telstra. which is not true
Post by Ebony 7 years ago !
They keep calling my 12 year old daughters mobile constantly every day
Post by Sally Wyber 7 years ago !
I've been getting daily phone calls from this number to my mobile. I've been ignoring them as I don't know the number. I searched on the Internet and found other complaints. It seems they sell income protection for Westpac. I don't know how they got my number as it is not advertised anywhere. I only give it to friends and family and I don't have an account with Westpac. I would appreciate it if you can stop these calls.
Post by Jacqui 7 years ago !
They keep calling- twice a day! They do not answer when I pick up, they do not leave any messages, and when I call back I don't get put through to anyone.
Post by milly 7 years ago !
This is publicity the guy don't even listen to you and hang up on you when you tell them to don't calling you again.
Post by david 7 years ago !
I get this number calling me constantly on my mobile, I don't answer when I don't know numbers, have just blocked the number on my phone, so over them calling and never leave a message.
Post by Jacquie 7 years ago !
caller constantly abusive. Often phones and hangs up.
Post by Adam 7 years ago !
they keep calling me and hanging up
Post by angus 7 years ago !
keeps calling everyday tried to block but can't
Post by stephen mitchell 7 years ago !
This # appears on my work mobile & has done so for the last 4 months. I never answer it anyway. Persistent.
Post by Colleen 7 years ago !
Receiving calls daily from this number - calls then hangs up
Post by Hendrik Wesseling 7 years ago !
Started calling a few times a day everyday at random times. Don't know how they got my number and when i call back i get sent to an automated answering machine that tells me that all operators are busy.
Post by Jess 8 years ago !
This number missed call me 3 times a day and has been repeated for the last two weeks!!
Post by penny 8 years ago !
This business calls me most days, particularly at dinner time and when I am at work. Not interested and have asked them not to call several times.'This is not a sales call...'Sure it isn't.
Post by Matt 8 years ago !
Keeps calling leaves no message I do not answer but it is very annoying
Post by Sharron 8 years ago !
In the past 2 working days I have received 7 calls from the above number. As I am receiving these calls on my mobile which I also use for work it is very disruptive.
Post by Brianne Holland 8 years ago !
This number keeps calling my work number every day at least once. They hang up once I have answered the phone and introduced myself. This has been going on for a while now and is starting to get very annoying AND disturbs my work as well!!
Post by Marja 8 years ago !
This number rings me once a day. When I do answer it they say they are not selling anything but then go on and try to get me to get funeral insurance. Every time I talk to them I say I am not interested but they keep calling. Now I just don't answer, but they still call my mobile number everyday
Post by Lauren 8 years ago !
I've been getting calls from 0280697935. it started as one a day but now getting calls 3+ times a day, trying to sell insurance. I am not interested at all and I ask whoever I speak to take me off their call list. but I'm still getting 3-5 calls a day. I've put their numbers on block but I start getting calls off another number or private. its getting very frustrating and stressful to the point I do no want to answer private numbers.
Post by Jessie Greenhill 8 years ago !
Repeatedly getting these calls from this number, paused then hey hang up on my mobile. Unsolicited. Attempted to speak with caller to request I no longer get called to no avail
Post by Daniel 8 years ago !
I am getting calls on my direct line at work from this number and googled it as they never leave a message. Interesting that I now find out it is funeral insurance as I already had a lengthy conversation only a few weeks ago and despite repeatedly saying I was not interested they wanted to do their spiel over and over and would not take no for an answer ............I also stated I DID not want any future calls - Did not work though !!!
Post by E Kalis 8 years ago !
This number has been calling me for the past few months.. Nearly every day! Most of the time I ignore it but when I answer they hang up straight away.. Please do something. It's getting so frustrating.
Post by Angie 8 years ago !
When I answer there is silence and then they hang up.
Post by Fiona 8 years ago !
Over the space of 2 days (25/09/2013 and 26/09/2013) I received 7 missed calls from 0280697935. I googled the company and found out it is from OTPL a telemarketing company. They called again on the 27/09/2013 and I was able to take the call. The caller said he was selling funeral insurance. I informed him I was not interested and told him to take me off their marketing list and to stop calling me. Today (08/10/2013) I received another call from this same number trying despite me asking to be removed from their list.
Post by Rachel Grosseibl 8 years ago !
i keep getting calls from this number and they just hang up. I tried ringing them back and just get an answering machine
Post by samantha 8 years ago !
This number has been calling me twice a day and it's getting annoying. I tried answering but there is just silence
Post by Manoli Hrisafinas 8 years ago !
Getting a call most days from this number which i don't answer any more. However when i did answer there was no one at the other end. Very annoying.
Post by Joe Westbrook 8 years ago !
Have been receiving multiple calls from this number daily. Have answered and resulted in being hung up on. I believe it to be a telemarketing company as other sites have suggested on the Internet.
Post by Addison 8 years ago !
Call several times every day and hang up when ever you answer
Post by Emily 8 years ago !
Keep on call and just hang up I've call back and that just put me on hold
Post by Scott Murrowood 8 years ago !
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