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Phone Number: (02)8015-7675
Phone Number: 0280157675 / (02)8015-7675 / +61-(02)8015-7675
Area: 02 - New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
(02)8015-7675 Phone number Reports 71
This number rings me constantly too, I have answered once and it was for Funeral Insurance, in the last 2 days they have rung me another 6 times
Post by Tara 6 years ago !
just blocking the number on your mobile phone. If you use Samsung mobile, just go to setting -my device-call-Call rejection-autorejectlist-create-number(write down the phone number you want to reject)thats it, good luck
Post by rabbi 6 years ago !
Getting calls as other people all times of the day answered once but hung up when sounded sus
Post by Terrance 6 years ago !
This number keeps calling me and when I answer it hangs up. I try calling back and no one responds. I am sick of the continual calls, up to 10 a day!!!
Post by Katherine Thompson 6 years ago !
WHO is this???? Ringing my mobile constantly. I want to BLOCK this caller. HOW??
Post by linda 6 years ago !
Keep getting calls from this number - infuriating
Post by Natalie Reid 6 years ago !
got several rings from the number. claims to be funeral insurance (?!) calling abotu their fantastic offers (lol). told them i wasn't interested politely, they stopped calling.
Post by damian 6 years ago !
Post by LIZ 6 years ago !
Constantly ringing each day my home phone and mobile please make them stop
Post by Katrina Germaine 6 years ago !
11 calls in two days, no answer, blocked number
Post by Ian 6 years ago !
Hi,Received three phonecalls from this company trying to arrange a time to have someone call back to sell me Life Insurance. Told them during the first call that I was not interested and they continued to call back.
Post by Kabel 6 years ago !
I am receiving couple of calls a day from this number and every time i pick up, someone hangs up after 2 seconds. It really annoying.
Post by Abi 6 years ago !
I also getting numerous call from this number about Funeral Insurance. There are also a few other number that do the same. I have asked them not to call.Sometimes they ring and then just cal the line when I answer. So I have to google to see who called, or have to call them back to see how was it.
Post by Siran 6 years ago !
I receive a call from this number at least twice a day. I don't answer the call and they don't leave a message.
Post by Jarryd 7 years ago !
Just got a call from this number. Hung up as soon as I answered. Fine, didn't want to to you anyway lol Another one to add to the spam/ignore list.
Post by Sandra 7 years ago !
This number has called me in the past non stop and I did not answer. I had looked it up online to see that it was a telemarketer. They stopped calling but just this Tues they started again. They've called 6 times in 3 days and I answered on the 7th call to ask them to stop calling. It was a male person calling on behalf of Clearview insurance. Wanting to organize a call back back with them. He was quite insistent that I accept even when I said that I had insurance and wouldn't be needing the call.
Post by Mil 7 years ago !
I receive at least 2-3 phone calls a day from this number to my mobile. I do not know or want anything to do with the survey.
Post by Kirsty Adamson 7 years ago !
They call 3 - 5 times a day. I don't answer, they don't leave a message. It's been happening for weeks. I am blocking the number!
Post by Maria 7 years ago !
Just so fed up getting up to 10 calls per day from this number for the last 4 weeks! PLEASE STOP!
Post by Lana 7 years ago !
I finally was able to speak to someone when I answered and this number belongs to Clearview life and funeral insurance. They rung 4 times a day everyday and constantly hung up, after my last call when I asked to be taken off the list I've added them to my reject list such a waste of time
Post by Melissa 7 years ago !
Been receiving block number calls and then the listed number above. Called back to have someone ask me to confirm my details. Asked as to why I was called I got the sales pitch (insurance). At no time did I have my questions answered regarding why I was called. Have now blocked their number and suggest people do the same.
Post by James 7 years ago !
called 3 times in 2 days 10.30 to 10.50 west australian time chinese acent sounding lady asked for ciana and im tim
Post by Tim 7 years ago !
This idiot has been calling me during school timings and has called me several times and when i try to call back it doesn't answer who ever it is stop and get lost you idiot.
Post by Zainab 7 years ago !
I am getting 3-4 calls a day from this number and I am sick of them. I don't answer and when I try and call them back to see who it is the phone is constantly busy. I have now blocked them on my mobile phone. Get a life, LOSERS!!!!
Post by Sue 7 years ago !
number 10 call over two days on my mobile. I called back 2x on a work phone and got different company name each time.
Post by Jason 7 years ago !
Stop fn calling my phone. Argh can't this number be blocked.
Post by Tom 7 years ago !
I received calls from this number on Friday several times. I called back and it was a company. There must be a way to stop this people for making this calls. Very annoying
Post by claudia 7 years ago !
I'm sick of getting phone calls from this number, first time no one answers, second and third time they ring, they say they clear view and want to speak to me about life insurance
Post by Jules 7 years ago !
Received two calls today from this number and both times the caller hanged up. Get a life whoever you are.
Post by Navid 7 years ago !
Getting numerous call every day from this number. Very frustrating.
Post by Francis 7 years ago !
OMG at least three weeks now, every day, at least 4-6 times a day, if I do answer they pretend they cannot hear me. Who are these people, obviously from overseas somewhere gggrrrrrrrr
Post by Leanne 7 years ago !
getting calls from this number. I won't answer calls from numbers I don't recognise
Post by maz 7 years ago !
12 calls in 7 days. No messages left & no answer when you try & call the number back.STOP CALLING OR LEAVE A MESSAGE
Post by Unknown 7 years ago !
number calls my phone like 3 times a day. just blocked the call on iphone really frustrating
Post by scarlett 7 years ago !
Hello guys.Simple fix is to ask to speak to a supervisor. Advise that according to legislation if you request to be put on 'The Do Not Call Register' they must comply. Also mention that you had not been advised that the call may be recorded, another violation of legislation.Also confirm they only work for one company 'Clearview' was the company stated. Then advise they are required to remove you from all call lists, and do NOT need any further information other than my number to process my request.I called back and did the above, I've been advised that I have been removed. A firm, confident voice works a lot better than yelling.I have worked for telemarketing companies and am thoroughly aware the legislation, and stringent procedures.I hope this helps.
Post by Courtney 7 years ago !
Call the number back and tell them they have called a corporate/business number.They'll remove you from their calling list as they are only after consumers.Lifestyle Service I think the company is called.
Post by Chiggles the Grand 7 years ago !
constantly being called on my mobile by this no. ,I have spoken to someone from this no. and have told them I am not interested in doing any survey and not to call again ,twice now but they keep ringing I just don't answer anymore I have given them their own ring tone so I know its them . I used have a private no. ring me every day for awhile and when I would answer nobody would speak and they'd hang up.
Post by Tracy Tot 7 years ago !
Will anything get done about these complaints? I've done so many and i still get these calls from so many other numbers.
Post by Daniel 7 years ago !
So Tired of being called by this number 8 times per day for the past TWO WEEKS! It should be ILLEGAL for company's to ring one number more than 3 times per day. It's being to verge onto the point of harassment for me as I have spoken to the person on the line a number of times telling them that I am not interested.
Post by Jessica 7 years ago !
This no is ringing my silent land line no and my business work mobile, they started late last year calling me and I advised they had the incorrect no. etc. and to remove the contact details from there database. I received 2 call yesterday on my business work mobile. How do you stop receiving calls from this no, even after you have advised that
Post by Sharon 7 years ago !
Post by Marwan Surigro 7 years ago !
2 calls a day, every day for the last week. If you answer they hang up. If you try to call back you are relayed a message for an infinite amount of time. Such an annoyance, how do you get rid of it?!
Post by Jennifer 7 years ago !
I keep getting call but ignore them what is the company? How do I block it?
Post by Alice 8 years ago !
Stop calling me!!! Take a hint! Im not going to answer!02 8015 7675 6 times a day
Post by Marie 8 years ago !
a male rang and asked me to confirm my details, i asked who he was and why was he calling - he was really rude and tried to demand my details - so i told him not to call again and blocked his number from my phone. how do these weridos get our personal numbers???? so sick of the BS
Post by Nothappy 8 years ago !
I am getting frequent calls from this number where they just hang up every time I answered. It is calling my mobile number as well. Where could they get the mobile number from?!?? It's a privacy intrusion!!
Post by Winnie 8 years ago !
This number is really starting to crap me off. 4 times today already and also 2 plus on other days. Been happening for months now. How do I stop it??????????
Post by Fiona 8 years ago !
They just started calling me as of yesterday 4/4/13. So by reading the previous comments I expect more.
Post by Damo 8 years ago !
I'm getting sick and tired from getting phone calls from this number
Post by David 8 years ago !
It's always good to have a whinge now and then , but in the end it's pretty pointless as nothing will ever come of it .We all know that this whole auto dial thing and also no return number should have been a criminal offence , the fact that it's not is a symptom of a wider problem of corruption and malaise of government in this country.
Post by george green 8 years ago !
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